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auto ac questions
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auto ac questions

C is wrong because when both high and low-side pressure are low you can have the following faults: low charge, suction line obstruction, clogged orifice tube, stuck closed TXV valve and restricted line from the condenser to the evaporator. Questions by Make. All automotive air conditioning systems are (nearly) closed loops with a high-pressure side and low-pressure side. AutoMD answers your auto repair questions by giving free help and advice from our community members. The clutch should not be engaged when the AC is turned off. Technician B is right because when the system is low on coolant there is insufficient material to transfer the heat. Whether it’s taking too long to cool the air inside your car or your windows are not defogging properly, some of your car’s air conditioning problems can become costly if … There are many possible reasons for this but the most common in newer cars is simply a low Freon level. Hot air will result. auto air conditioning troubleshooting guide. Condenser – It is the device looks like a small radiator and is used after the compressor as it provides condensing i.e. Any attempts to drive your auto under those circumstances could cause severe damage to the engine, as if the belt breaks due to heat and friction of the frozen AC then none of your other components that rely on the belt would continue to function and that could be costly. An air conditioner lowers the inside temperature of your vehicle. The air conditioner … B is not a most likely cause because a restriction heater core will cause no heat but not necessarily cause an engine overheat. System evacuation will not remove all of the moisture in the desiccant of a receiver/dryer due to its enclosure. Good maintenance will help prevent AC problems, but a system may still malfunction over the course of a cooling season. This check can be performed with the engine running and your AC turned on to maximum by raising the hood on your auto and doing a visual and audio observation. B is wrong because high low-side and low high-side pressure indicate internal compressor damage. Who is right? All auto AC repairs should be performed by a mechanic certified by the ASE in automotive air conditioning systems such as those at All State. Technician A is right because a misadjusted blend door affects heat. Your car’s AC System may be something you take for granted — until you encounter a problem. 8°F) (Critical Temperature of CO) Temperature of passenger cabin. Dr. Kershaw was among the first to receive ASE certification in 1972. Incorrect answer. Popular Models: Acura CL, Acura ILX, Acura Integra. In another section on AC Maintenance and Recharging we discuss how your system works and give you advice on maintenance, now here is a troubleshooting section and checklist to help save time and money on diagnosis and repairs for your cars AC system. Getting your vehicle ready for back to school. All Car Specialists is a certified automotive repair and alignment shop in Los Angeles. Re: AC restoration questions, '93 Mazda RX7 Post by pete_89t2 » Mon Oct 12, 2020 10:52 am bohica2xo wrote: Barrier hose will be a snug fit, but it should be anyway. Replacing the air conditioning compressor is one of the most common major repairs. A stuck expansion valve is the most likely cause based on both high and low pressures being low. Collecting Initial Information Turn the air conditioning on while the car is running. When that occurs we tend to lok to someone with experience for answers. Explain how you can keep your car in good condition?'s ASE A7 Practice Test was written by Dr. John Kershaw, an ASE test prep expert: ASE test question developer; ASE Certified Master Technician; ASE Master Truck Technician; and Auto Industry Technical Instructor. Instead just step back at a safe distance and look for the AC unit/compressor which should look something like the sample featured above, and do a simple visual/audio check of the unit looking for any signs of hose leakage, belt slipping or clutch activation or freezing of any moving part. All Car Specialists is now equipped with the latest EIS 5000 Advanced AAA and BAR approved SMOG System for Expanded Years -Makes – Models – Hybrids. Car air conditioning using CO2 We need 5 tons of refrigeration using a CO2 cycle as indicated. There are many things that can cause your car’s AC (air conditioning) to malfunction. Looking for a particular question? One major potential problem that could be visually obvious right off is in the case of a frozen clutch-pulley and you her a squeal or see signs of smoke or unusual heat coming from the front of the AC as the belt tries to spin the clutch. If the fuse associated with your A/C system goes, the power to certain parts will stop. Courtesy of Toyota. Dr. Kershaw was among the first to receive ASE certification in 1972. The blown fuse scenario: Fuses sometimes short out. When the refrigerant is drawn into the compressor, it is in a low-pressure gaseous form. When the expansion valve is stuck closed, both high and low pressure are low. Technician B says when replacing O-rings you lubricate the O-ring with the correct refrigerant oil to prevent nicks and ease installation. The AC orifice tube / expansion device filters and regulates the … Technician A is correct. Use the key to start the car and … Automotive knowledge includes things like basic history and understanding the difference between horsepower and torque, but there is a whole other side of cars that is foreign to many car lovers. All Car Specialists use the most modern technology available that help save you money and speed up your repair by locating the exact problem as quickly as possible so the repair can be performed in as short as time as possible, getting you in and out without needless guess work. Technician B is wrong because an overcharge will cause the compressor outlet to be cold. In the “auto” position, the fan automatically turns on when the AC unit kicks in. In which case, a relatively simple and affordable system recharge will solve the problem. Acura questions (3,063) View all. Regular check-up of parts like. Courtesy of Toyota, When both the low and high sides are high, this indicates a refrigerant overcharge or restricted condenser. We'll start with the high-pressure side as it leads from the engine to the passenger compartment:. All-Car…. The following auto AC troubleshooting guide, tips and worksheet will help to save you time and money once you schedule your AC check. Both technicians are correct. Below are some common AC repair issues and their fixes: Refrigerant leaks. All Car wants to offer you some tips and guidance to help you and us determine what is wrong before you bring in your car. Your car's air conditioning uses refrigerant, a fluid designed to vaporize at a low temperature, to cool the air before it blows through the vents into the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Technician A says all air conditioning connections use a gasket or O-ring to seal the system. Our expert diagnosis can save you both time and money. Hoses must be connected and tightened properly, the belt has its own specific location to turn the unit, and various connectors for the AC recharge to function. How can I tell if my air conditioner is broken? Ask a mechanic for help and get back on the road. A specific engine temperature is needed to consume all of the pollutants. Car Questions. Please choose another answer. Car Questions and Answers . Get the car support you need, or join and help others solve their car repair problems. Technician A is wrong because a stuck thermostat causes overheating resulting in high temperatures and plenty of heat. Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that we are not familiar with. The most common problem experienced when turning on your auto’s air conditioning system is a lack of cool air or an intermittent level of temperature. In our Online Automotive HVAC Essentials Certificate Program, you’ll take HVAC classes and learn automotive engine heating and cooling systems, air-conditioning systems basics, rules, EPA regulations, and safety practices for working with refrigerants, and how to troubleshoot techniques of automotive heating and air-conditioning assemblies. One of the typical reasons air conditioners don’t work properly is a clogged or dirty filter. We are providing: Please call to schedule your appointment today! Faulty compressor clutch: If the clutch is not engaging with your compressor, than your compressor can’t maintain the correct pressure. If the clutch is frozen you should immediately turn off the AC and restart your engine. The most likely cause of an automotive air conditioner cooling problem is no refrigerant in the system. … Well it's that time again, when school…, Aftermarket Car Warranty Sales Pitch vs Sales Hitch Consideration If you buy a new car,…, All Car Specialist has been servicing Diesel vehicles for the past 20 years. PLEASE NOTE: When operating in AUTO MODE, the control panel display will NOT illuminate to indicate any change between Cool/Fan/Heat. It serves one very fundamental purpose, as well, and that is to cool you down. If the cool air has stopped flowing, the first thing you … Technician A is wrong because both heater hoses should be hot. I learn very quickly and am eager to perform well, and gain knowledge about the trade. If you have any questions at all, you can always give us a call or come by our shop. 10 Air Conditioning Mechanic Interview Questions. The following auto AC troubleshooting guide, tips and worksheet will help to save you time and money once you schedule your AC check. GO P2-72 Mpa 450 ha Ambice temperature. There are however other instances where the problem may be due to any of one or more different functions or parts malfunctioning. If the refrigerant has escaped past a leaky compressor or O-ring seal, leaked out of a pinhole in the evaporator or condenser, or seeped out through a leaky hose, the leak needs to be identified and repaired before the system is recharged. Why should we hire you? Home; HVAC Basics. There are many reasons to ask a question let alone a car question. Auto AC Repair. Air Conditioning Quiz Questions. If the serpentine belt that is connected to the AC that spins the pulley is still frozen then immediately shut off your engine and call All Car Specialists right away. Moisture. Please also note the following information: Your Koldfront air conditioner has a temperature sensor located on the front of the unit near the air intake port. Any one of these exhibiting a faulty connection or improper fitting could cause the unit to malfunction. While you will not be able to perform specific tests in troubleshooting your AC’s problem before you come into the shop, (and by the way, you shouldn’t attempt to do so), there are a few things you can look for and make note of in checking for a more serious obvious problem. Our heating and air conditioning experts serve Chico, Paradise, Oroville and surrounding areas. The next time you have questions about your heating and air conditioning system or home maintenance issues in general, remember Experts In Your Home. All you need when it comes to having an Automotive problem is a certified mechanic to be there for you will all the Free Auto Answers you need. During this time, we are taking precautionary measures for our customers and our staff. Air Conditioning Quiz Questions Answers ) Search for: Related Pages. A quick look at a typical modern auto AC compressor shown above shows the many different elements that must be connected in order for the compressor to do its job. The Experts on JustAnswer have handled many thousands of questions and resolved problems, including: Besides oil changes, what else can I do to maintain my 1998 Toyota Camry so that it lasts longer? Air conditioners are complicated mechanical systems with many working parts. If you live within 5 miles, we will pick up your car for service. Bhd. AC Orifice Tube / Expansion Valve. Tips on Preventative Maintenance for Diesel Vehicles. This area includes all components and systems both mechanical and electronic that are related to a vehicle’s heating and air conditioning system. By using these free ASE test questions and study guides, you’ll know where to focus on your Heating & Air Conditioning knowledge and know which study guides to review and practice. Here is a quick look at how car AC systems work and how you can diagnose any problems with your AC system. Copyright © 2009-2021 LLC - All Rights Reserved. To hicho Heu 35 AT T BIC. Answer option A is wrong because high high-side and low low-side pressure generally indicates a restriction evaporator air flow. Fast Testing and Certificates Serving San Gabriel, Arcadia, Pasadena, Pomona, Monterey Park, Monrovia, Temple City, Rosemead. C is also wrong because a stuck open thermostat will not cause overheating. One Of The Company's Products Is A Set Of Seat Covers That Can Be Adjusted To Fit Nearly Any Small Car. Often there are signs that there's an issue with the A/C system and that a repair might be necessary. When your car’s air conditioning stops working, it can be exceptionally frustrating. Refrigeration System Diagnosis and Repair - Compressor and Clutch, Refrigeration System - Evaporator, Condenser and Related Components, Heating and Engine Cooling Systems Diagnosis and Repair, Operating Systems and Related Controls Diagnosis and Repair, The Complete A1 - A8 Practice Test Kit with 800 Questions, The A7 Practice Test Kit with 100 Questions and Complete Task Coverage. I also work very well with other workers and can solve problems easily with a team." Be sure to check out the automotive mechanic certification requirements by … Technician B is right because the upper radiator hose should be too hot to hold. Air Conditioning Questions: Common AC Repairs. Feel free to ask automotive related questions and get the answers to all your car related issues. Problems with the air conditioning unit often develop over time, which is why it's important to schedule regular visits that include an A/C performance check. The most common problem experienced when turning on your auto’s air conditioning system is a lack of cool air or an intermittent level of temperature. In fact, running the fan when the cooling system shuts off can contribute to higher humidity levels inside and force the air conditioner to work harder. With power and a ground, the clutch should have worked unless the gap is too wide, and is the most likely cause. An automotive air conditioning system works a lot like the AC system that you have at home or the office. Filter. If your AC just doesn’t work, period, your first line of defense is to … For complete test practice, flash cards, exam review and testing tips, check out: To avoid evaporator odor, you operate AC System in FRESH mode not RECIRC mode. Community Answers "I am a very well educated and me hanically inclined individual. Check battery. Why is the valve lifter on a 2007 Silverado pickup truck going bad, even after we just replaced it? Compressor: The compressor is a pump driven by a belt attached to the engine's crankshaft. The cabin temperature need to be at 23 C and the ambient air is 30 C. Design a system for this capacity. Technician A is correct because if thermal protector fails the B+ path to the compressor clutch is open and it is the most likely cause.

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