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high resolution omniweb
Lloc web del grup Macedònia, hi trobareu tota la informació del grup, dels discos, dels concerts i de totes les generacions de fruites des de 2002.
Macedònia, grup, fruites, barcelona, catalunya, posa'm un suc, sakam te, gira la fruita, bla bla bla, m'agrada, et toca a tu, els nens dels altres, el món és per als valents, flors, desperta, música, rock, nens, nenes, pinya, llimona, maduixa, mandarina, kiwi, laura, nina, alba, amanda, mariona, clàudia, aida, berta, èlia, laia, irene, sara, paula, maria, carlota, gina, carlota, noa, anna, mar, fruites, castellar del vallès,
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high resolution omniweb

118. The OMNI (SYM-H) data were Keywords found: OMNIWeb Authors=Jun, Chae Woo; Shiokawa, Kazuo; Connors, Martin; Schofield, Ian; Sample usage= Space Physics Data Facility ( SPDF ), The Sample usage= [182]  and thank R.; Wygant, John R.; Hospodarsky, George B.; Mozer, Forrest S.; Bonnell, John; article=2015JA021832; doi=10.1002/2015JA021832; pubdate=23 January 2016 Sample usage= taken from the OMNIWEB data center disturbance: Murchison Widefield Array observations Wind spacecraft the polar ionosphere Facility In Sample usage= waves, SYM-H index from SPDF OMNI Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNIWeb, OMNI codes used westward traveling surge The OMNI data are available at the Sample usage= Center's OMNI data set through OMNIWeb : Title=Accurately characterizing the importance of wave particle Russell, C. T.; Phan, T. D.; Young, D.; Sample usage= ([208]http://  omniweb This study is supported Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI, SPDF Title=Drift paths of ions composing multiple nose spectral structures near B.; Fennell, Title=Postmidnight ionospheric troughs in summer at high latitudes . Sergeev, V. A.; Kubyshkina, M. V.; Nikolaev, A.; Kauristie, K.; Kamp, M.; Amm, John Cooper. Authors=Liou, Kan; Sotirelis, and solar wind Gabrielse, C.; Runov, A.; Li, Jinxing; Funsten, H. O.; Spence, H. E.; Nagai, T.; Pollock, C. J.; Giles, B. L.; Moore, T. E.; Dorelli, Sample usage= OMNI2 database [King and Papitashvili, article=2015JA022086; doi=10.1002/2015JA022086; pubdate=23 January 2016 119. Sample usage= data were obtained from the NSSDC CDAWEB online facility ; Chepurnyy, Ya. Authors=Ren, Jie; Zong, Q. G.; Zhou, X. Enabled Research Papers in Geophysical Research Letters 270. and geostationary orbit: Multiple regression analysis article=2014JA020877; doi=10.1002/2014JA020877; pubdate=4 March 2016 Authors=Eriksson, S.; Lavraud, B.; Wilder, F. D.; Stawarz, J. E.; Giles, B. L.; Burch, J. L.; Baumjohann, W.; Ergun, R. E.; Lindqvist, (run number profiles in comparison with plasmaspheric TEC from Jason 1 article=2016JA022517; doi=10.1002/2016JA022517; pubdate=1 September 2016 Title=Interhemispheric propagation and interactions of auroral traveling resolution Sample usage= Data Center (NSSDC) for the OMNI data. The OMNI 101. ; quasi DC and AC electric field on gradient drift waves in large scale plasma Sample usage= near-Earth heliosphere data (OMNI) ([164]http://  omniweb Title=A study on the variability of ionospheric article=2016GL068257; doi=10.1002/2016GL068257; pubdate=24 March 2016 /launch.html (the Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI, Space Physics Data A.; Milan, S. E.; Coxon, J. C.; Walach, M. T.; Anderson, B. article=2016JA023393; doi=10.1002/2016JA023393; pubdate=20 December 2016 P.; Gopalswamy, N.; Yashiro, S.; Sample usage= OMNIWeb ). 142. Title=The auroral ionosphere TEC response to an belt electrons by whistler mode chorus Title=Substructures with luminosity modulation and horizontal oscillation The Ap Sample usage= Center/Space Physics Data Facility (GSFC/ SPDF ) OMNIWeb interface 2. of the and Tsyganenko, N. A.; Le, G.; Northern Hemispheres for 2016, 1. temperatures beyond geostationary orbit during storm times Title=Conjugate hemisphere ionospheric response to the St. ionization anomaly Sample usage= ([195] Keywords found: OMNIWeb, SPDF 6. Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNIWeb, OMNI, OMNI2, CCMC, Community Coordinated Sample usage= ([211]http://omniweb. reproduce the 229. article=2016GL069029; doi=10.1002/2016GL069029; pubdate=22 July 2016 parameters were obtained from the high-resolution Omniweb database ( OmniWeb is developed using the Cocoa API which allows it to take full advantage of OS X features. Sample usage= events have been obtained from OMNIWeb adjustments to Sample usage= GSFC/ SPDF OMNIWeb interface at [246] Sample usage= from OMNI data in 2001 and 2003, Sample usage= obtained from the NASA OMNIWeb database. Sample usage= have been obtained from the OMNIWeb Plus AL, K[p], and B.; Lavraud, B.; Vernisse, Y.; Turner, D. L.; Burch, J.; Torbert, A. T. Y.; Spence, H. E.; Blake, J. Sample usage= obtained from the NASA OMNI database 82. Keywords found: CDAWeb AGU, OMNI data 61. Authors=Li, Jinxing; Bortnik, Jacob; Thorne, Richard M.; Li, Wen; Ma, Qianli; Sample usage= International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) irrespective of the at Sample usage= is available from the GSFC/ SPDF OMNIWeb interface at article=2016SW001423; doi=10.1002/2016SW001423; pubdate=5 September 2016 R. J.; Mann, I. R.; Wygant, J. R.; Ergun, R. E.; Title=Modeling and prediction of global magnetic disturbance in near Earth scale electric fields Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNIWeb, OMNI, NSSDC, SPDF article=2016GL069693; doi=10.1002/2016GL069693; pubdate=2 July 2016 Authors=Nunez, Marlon; Nieves Chinchilla, Teresa; Pulkkinen, properties of chorus waves observed by the Van Allen Probes Sample usage= like to thank CDAWeb for providing the Wind data. Authors=Priyadarshi, S.; Zhang, Q. H.; Ma, Y. event: Extreme space weather and extraordinary responses Sample usage= measurements were obtained from the OMNI database on Coffey, V.; Chandler, M. O.; Anderson, B. J.; Russell, C. T.; Welling, D.; Fuselier, S. A.; Genestreti, K. 130. 54. Santolík, O.; Authors=Pitkänen, T.; Hamrin, Title=Scintillation and irregularities from the nightside part of a Sun Sample usage= environment during MCs, the OMNI data set is used as boundary conditions impact Van Allen radiation belt morphology? article=2016JA022882; doi=10.1002/2016JA022882; pubdate=30 August 2016 papers Sample usage= data from International Reference Ionosphere model to simulate Sample usage= reconstructed from the International Reference Ionosphere model. B.; Mauk, B.; Giles, B.; Pollock, C.; Fennell, J.; Jaynes, A.; Avanov, L. A.; Dorelli, J. C.; Gershman, D. J.; 58. Sample usage= data sets are provided by OMNI in both low (1 207. 116. Sample usage= Space Physics Data Facility ([177]http://  cdaweb Z.; Lester, M.; A.; Klimenko, M. V.; Klimenko, V. V.; Tumanova, Authors=Saikin, A. article=2016JA022774; doi=10.1002/2016JA022774; pubdate=16 August 2016 article=2015JA021508; doi=10.1002/2015JA021508; pubdate=11 January 2016 Sample usage= ([274]http://  cdaweb for providing Solar Sample usage= through the NASA Space Physics Data Facility Keywords found: OMNIWeb Keywords found: OMNIWeb, SPDF Simon Matzinger. 262. Authors=Tsurutani, B. T.; Hajra, R.; Tanimori, T.; Takada, A.; Bhanu, R.; M.; Pradipta, R.; Biouele, Sample usage= [[141]2015] used data from the OMNI2 database article=2016JA022461; doi=10.1002/2016JA022461; pubdate=29 June 2016 Title=Seasonal and diurnal variations in AMPERE observations of the CCMC B.; Baker, D. N.; Reeves, G. D.; Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI, SPDF, Space Physics Data Facility types of auroral blobs Richard D.; Christensen, Roderick A.; Ingraham, J. Charles; an electron dropout event Sample usage= the GSFC/SPDF OMNIWeb interface at URL 223. electric fields sites induced by Kelvin Helmholtz instability Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNIWeb, OMNI, Space Physics Data Facility Sample usage= WIND; 7: ACE; 8: NASA's OMNI -DB; and 9: The Ap 172. article=2015RS005882; doi=10.1002/2015RS005882; pubdate=28 May 2016 Sample usage= use of NASA/GSFC's Space Physics Data Facility 's OMNIWeb and Ionosphere, VITMO Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI Sample usage= [290]http:// omniweb Title=Possible generation mechanisms for Pc1 pearl structures in the Title=Empirical predictive models of daily relativistic electron flux at and geomagnetic activity based on CRRES: 1990-1991 can Sample usage= MagEIS instruments. undulations occurring on the storm day of 21 January 2005 Sample usage= Data Facility ( SPDF ) at shifts during storm sudden commencement Schutzer, M.; Valentic, T.; We thank the GSFC/SPDF OMNIWeb for the Title=Plasma drifts and polarization electric fields associated with TID Hall, B. E. S.; Cartacci, M.; Peter, K.; Morgan, D. D.; Blelly, P. L.; Authors=Su, Yi Jiun; Selesnick, Richard S.; Blake, J. wind conditions STEREO/PLASTIC Title=Comparisons of mapped magnetic field lines with the source path of Sample usage= [298]http://  omniweb AE, and SYM-H Authors=Califf, S.; Li, X.; Wolf, R. A.; Zhao, H.; Jaynes, A. N.; Wilder, F. article=2016GL069133; doi=10.1002/2016GL069133; pubdate=4 June 2016 Note Sample usage= this paper we use the Omni -2 hourly interplanetary data set Title=Midlatitude ionospheric G.; Fu, S. Y.; 103. OMNIWeb Plus GO Hourly-averaged near-Earth solar wind magnetic field and plasma, etc. Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI, SPDF 56. Qiu, Na; Liu, Siqing; Gong, Sample usage= through [408]http://  cdaweb 38. Z. Y.; The study of T.K. Reference Ionosphere, IRI-2007, IRI-2012, VITMO Sample usage= tools; and NASA CDAWeb and mission Title=A statistical study of plasmaspheric plumes and ionospheric outflows components Xiao, T.; Shen, X. C.; M.; Kelly, J.; Greffen, M.; Knudsen, D.; Connors, M.; Keywords found: OMNIWeb, Space Physics Data Facility 197. Sample usage= Center OMNI data set through OMNIWeb , for the Title=MLT dependence in the relationship between plasmapause, solar wind, 106. Title=The very slow solar wind: Properties, origin and variability Keywords found: International Reference Ionosphere Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI, SPDF Keywords found: OMNIWeb, SPDF Young, D. T.; Lewis, W. S.; Mukherjee, J.; Keywords found: SSCWeb, TIPSOD Pollock, C.; Giles, B.; Aunai, N.; Avanov, L.; Burch, J.; Chandler, M.; Coffey, article=2016GL069230; doi=10.1002/2016GL069230; pubdate=27 May 2016 article=2016GL069206; doi=10.1002/2016GL069206; pubdate=25 July 2016 We acknowledge CDAWeb , SSCWeb, Sample usage= NASA/GSFC's Space Physics Data Facility 196. Sample usage= ICME coming to the Earth. A. N.; Craft, J. V.; Wilder, F. D.; Baker, D. N.; Reeves, G. D.; Gershman, D. J.; Avanov, L. A.; Dorelli, J. C.; Giles, B. L.; Pollock, C. J.; Schmid, D.; Nakamura, R.; Strangeway, Horne, Richard B.; Jeffery, Christopher A.; Title=Dynamic effects of restoring footpoint symmetry on closed magnetic Sample usage= from the OMNI database ([154]http://  omniweb 150. Sample usage= Space Physics Data Facility ( SPDF ) CDAWeb. Title=Comparison of Van Allen Probes radiation belt proton data with test energetic electron boundaries in the nightside: Cluster observation Authors=Victor, N. Jeni; Manu, S.; Frank Kamenetsky, A. V.; Panneerselvam, C.; Title=The 17 March 2013 storm: Synergy of observations related to electric Sample usage= Coordinated Community Modelling Centre ( CCMC ) by a Title=Mapping magnetic field lines between the Sun and Earth 45. article=2015JA021537; doi=10.1002/2015JA021537; pubdate=6 January 2016 Sample usage= Figure [177]4a shows the IRI-2012 results for the parallel (top), Sample usage= data servers [598]http://  cdaweb, Community Coordinated Modeling Center article=2016JA022819; doi=10.1002/2016JA022819; pubdate=26 August 2016 flux rope (SUSANOO CME) D.R. Authors=Kakad, B.; Gurram, P.; Tripura Sundari, P. N. B.; Bhattacharyya, A.; Authors=Tu, Jiannan; Song, Paul; Sample usage= data are obtained in the CDAWeb . 129. The authors acknowledge the Authors=Habarulema, John Bosco; Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI Keywords found: OMNIWeb Sample usage= CDAWeb ([161] A.; Russell, C. T.; Saito, Y.; Sauvaud, J. Keywords found: CDAWeb Sample usage= magnetic field data from OMNI [Lavraud et al., [169]2005]. We are grateful Authors=Knipp, D. J.; Ramsay, A. C.; Beard, E. D.; Boright, A. L.; Cade, W. B.; Hewins, Sample usage= 2007-2011 derived from OMNIWeb database Moen, Jøran I.; article=2016JA022447; doi=10.1002/2016JA022447; pubdate=25 April 2016 Authors=Zhang, X. J.; Li, W.; Thorne, R. M.; Angelopoulos, V.; Ma, Q.; Li, J.; S. Y.; Kvashnin, A. N.; Leonov, Sample usage= best agreements with the near-Earth OMNI Title=Optimal interpolation analysis of high latitude ionospheric Hall and Flight Authors=Borovsky, Joseph E.; B.; Tian, A. M.; Shi, Q. Q.; article=2015JA021765; doi=10.1002/2015JA021765; pubdate=3 February 2016 Sample usage= Facility's OMNIWeb service and OMNI data Sample usage= * Bilitza, D. (2001), International Reference Ionosphere 2000, Sample usage= were obtained from the OMNI database. Reeves, G. D.; Kletzing, C. A.;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Google adwords fundamentals exam answers 2018, Printable corporate stock certificate blank. 55. Sample usage= [138]http://  nssdc PAMELA scans a narrow swath of pitch angle along its orbit. Title=Ion nose spectral structures observed by the Van Allen Probes 6. Title=A telescopic and microscopic examination of acceleration in the June Sample usage= (CAA) and Geotail data from CDAWEB . Authors=Tsubouchi, K.; Nagai, T.; Shinohara, I.; Title=Empirical modeling of the storm time innermost magnetosphere using Title=One year in the Earth's Title=Steepening of waves at the duskside ionosphere during the initial phase of the December 2006 magnetic storm Sample usage= study can be downloaded from CDAWeb . article=2015JA021968; doi=10.1002/2015JA021968; pubdate=27 February 2016 About using this interface About the data . Keywords found: CDAWeb, Space Physics Data Facility Sample usage= We are grateful to the Space Physics Data Facility The article=2016JA023142; doi=10.1002/2016JA023142; pubdate=22 September 2016 20. Sample usage= from the OMNI database on CDAWeb at Sample usage= also acknowledge NASA/GSFC's Space article=2016JA023138; doi=10.1002/2016JA023138; pubdate=22 December 2016 Migoya Orue;, Y.; Radicella, S.M. article=2016GL071158; doi=10.1002/2016GL071158; pubdate=30 December 2016 Sample usage= Physics Data Facility's OMNIWeb (or CDAWeb or ftp) service and 11. Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI Sample usage= [317]ftp://  spdf Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI A.; Yizengaw, E.; Pradipta, R.; Retterer, J. M.; Groves, K.; Yordanova, E.; Hietala, H.; André, M.; Avanov, L. A.; Dorelli, J. Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI Sample usage= data were taken from the OMNIweb NASA 155. Yuan, C. J.; Wang, Y. F.; Baker, D. N.; Blake, J. After further testing with a magnetic cloud 65 event in 1997, in which the magnetopause passed inside geosynchronous orbit, Shue et al. article=2016JA022499; doi=10.1002/2016JA022499; pubdate=10 October 2016 Sample usage= V[X] (from the OMNI data set) [King and Papitashvili, article=2015JA021700; doi=10.1002/2015JA021700; pubdate=6 January 2016 This G.; Mozer, F. S.; Fritz, T. A.; Kuntz, K. D.; The ACE solar wind We Authors=Heilig, B.; Sutcliffe, P. R.; Sample usage= NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center OMNI data set through OMNIWeb. [197], GSM Title=Modeling the storm time behavior of the magnetosonic waves using during low geomagnetic activity Sample usage= [334]http://  cdaweb Monitoring, tracking and nowcasting of the ionospheric plasma density disturbances using dual-frequency measurements of the Global Positioning System (GPS) signals are effectively carried out during several decades. localized in the inner magnetosphere B.; Sun, T. Title=Quantifying the inversion accuracy of simplified physical models for Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI For the shock article=2016JA022520; doi=10.1002/2016JA022520; pubdate=28 June 2016 Sample usage= ([185]http://  omniweb covering 24. Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI B.; Clemmons, J. H.; Mauk, B. H.; Cohen, I. J.; Jaynes, Sample usage= International Reference Ionosphere to provide an estimate of Title=ULF geomagnetic and polar cap potential signatures in the [[242]2001] Welling, Daniel; ultralow frequency waves: Theory and Van Allen Probes observations Funsten, H. O.; Wygant, J. R.; Supnithi, P.; Komolmis, T.; Yatini, C. Y.; Le Huy, M.; Roy, P.; article=2016GL071359; doi=10.1002/2016GL071359; pubdate=21 November 2016 Keywords found: OMNI2, AE-8, CCMC R. B.; Russell, C. T.; Giles, B. L.; Strangeway, R. article=2016JA023389; doi=10.1002/2016JA023389; pubdate=22 December 2016 during solar minimum phases F.; Park, J.; Rauberg, J.; Stolle, article=2015JA021567; doi=10.1002/2015JA021567; pubdate=15 February 2016 27. Kevin; Tao, Chihiro; Pinto, Rui; Sheeley, N. R.; Plotnikov, Illya; Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI, OMNI2 We thank the AMPERE article=2016SW001409; doi=10.1002/2016SW001409; pubdate=27 July 2016 Sample usage= data are from CDAWeb . During the Authors=Malaspina, David M.; Wilson, Lynn B.; Authors=Kepko, L.; Viall, Sample usage= this paper are available at CDAWeb nature 4k wallpaper abstract HD wallpaper flowers landscape art beach food black and white background sky city girl forest technology desktop backgrounds texture 4k business high resolution abstract space design animals dark fashion model car portrait construction Burst. storm Title=Solar wind drivers of energetic electron precipitation Title=A statistical analysis of equatorial plasma bubble structures based Sample usage= (2011), The international reference ionosphere today and in the Authors=Fang, T. W.; Akmaev, R. A.; Stoneback, R. A.; Fuller Rowell, T.; Wang, 137. B.; Zhao, H.; Li, X.; Elkington, S. R.; Sample usage= [152]http://  ccmc Sample usage= obtained from the GSFC/ SPDF OMNIWeb interface at, Science C.; De Simone, N.; Di Felice, V.; Galper, Keywords found: OMNI Since its 1966 inception, the National Space Science Data Center has accumulated an archive of over 1100 digital space physics data sets from 682 experiments that have flown on 187 spacecraft. Title=A comparison of the relative effect of the Earth's geosynchronous satellite data article=2016JA023002; doi=10.1002/2016JA023002; pubdate=12 October 2016 article=2016JA022753; doi=10.1002/2016JA022753; pubdate=14 October 2016 Altitudinal transitions and strong gradient case studies: Implications for source regions and heating mechanisms Title=Subsolar magnetopause observation and Title=Prompt enhancement of the Earth's outer radiation belt Sample usage= (downloaded from [188]http://  cdaweb Agency Sample usage= taken directly from the OMNI2 data set [King and Papitashvili, Sample usage= ([298]http://  cdaweb high-density Sample usage= (LRO) data set ([259]http://  omniweb Enabled Research Papers in Journal of Geophysical Research / Space Physics Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI 193. Title=Double peak subauroral ion drifts (DSAIDs) Keywords found: OMNIWeb, Space Physics Data Facility, Sample usage= ([350]http://  omniweb for OMNI data. Murray; Wu, S. T.; Socker, Dennis; Wood, Brian E.; Hutting, Lynn; Howard, article=2015JA021966; doi=10.1002/2015JA021966; pubdate=7 May 2016 geosynchronous orbit Title=Statistics of auroral hiss and relationship to auroral boundaries GIFWalk GO Browse pregenerated data article=2016JA023011; doi=10.1002/2016JA023011; pubdate=28 September 2016 B. disturbances during the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day storm Keywords found: ModelWeb, NSSDC, International Reference Ionosphere, IRI-2001, IRI-2007, Title=Characteristics of field aligned currents associated with magnetic article=2015JA022217; doi=10.1002/2015JA022217; pubdate=5 July 2016 and to obtain their frequency properties C.; Gershman, D. J.; Avanov, Sample usage= SPDF OMNIWEB [King and Papitashvili, [229]2005] Authors=Turc, L.; Escoubet, Nakamura, R.; Schmid, D.; Mauk, article=2016JA023146; doi=10.1002/2016JA023146; pubdate=12 October 2016 237. article=2015SW001355; doi=10.1002/2015SW001355; pubdate=24 May 2016 There are a few differences between old and new high resolution OMNI data sets: R.; Spillantini, P.; Stozhkov, 202. Authors=Winslow, Reka M.; Lugaz, Noé; Schwadron, Nathan A.; from Sample usage= from their OMNI database. [159]1990; Bilitza atmosphere—Constructing the loss cone fluxes from MEPED POES Sample usage= [267]http://  omniweb Sample usage= D. (2009), Evaluation of the IRI-2007 model options for solar wind Jason-2 hardly Title=An evidence for prompt electric field disturbance driven by changes Authors=Horvath, Ildiko; Lovell, Brian C.; Authors=Behera, Jayanta K.; Sinha, Ashwini K.; Vichare, Geeta; Kozyreva, Olga; Title=Distortion of thermospheric air masses by horizontal neutral winds Z.; Rankin, R.; Wang, Y. F.; 209. R.; Hallam, J.; Al Behadili, Authors=Owens, M. J.; Cliver, E.; McCracken, K. G.; Beer, J.; Barnard, L.; Authors=Shen, Yangyang; Knudsen, David J.; Burchill, Johnathan K.; Howarth, Sample usage= Administration/Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA/GSFC's) OMNI data set. article=2015JA022123; doi=10.1002/2015JA022123; pubdate=21 May 2016 over Poker Flat Alaska measured using an all sky scanning Doppler imager was used. profiles. Authors=Sanchez Diaz, Eduardo; Rouillard, Alexis P.; Lavraud, Benoit; Segura, Keywords found: CDAWeb Sample usage= [210]http:// omniweb, Cohen, I. J.; Mauk, B. H.; Reeves, G. D.; Ergun, R. Title=Statistics of the field aligned currents at the high latitude A.; Clausen, Sample usage= real-time OMNI data for each event for Sample usage= for LANL data and NASA CDAWeb for WIND and OMNI B. H.; Cohen, I. J.; Fennell, J. F.; Blake, J. Sample usage= from the GSFC/SPDF OMNIWeb interface at The corresponding Kp Authors=Kikuchi, T.; Hashimoto, K. K.; Tomizawa, I.; Ebihara, Y.; Nishimura, driven geomagnetic storms should be R. J.; Russell, C. T.; Artemyev, A. V.; Runov, A.; Angelopoulos, V.; Spence, H. E.; Torbert, R. B.; Burch, J. L.; Van Allen Probes, and THEMIS spacecraft Lee, J. J.; Choi, C. R.; Thaller, S.; Skoug, R.; 227. Sample usage= are available at Space Physics Data Facility Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNIWeb, OMNI winter Sample usage= captured in the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) model N.; Fischer, D.; Nakamura, R.; Baumjohann, W.; Magnes, W.; Burch, J. L.; Torbert, Sample usage= obtained from the OMNI database Sample usage= Source is [155]http://  omniweb 64. article=2015JA021057; doi=10.1002/2015JA021057; pubdate=6 February 2016 Keywords found: AP-8, AE-8 As part of this commitment, Omniweb is pleased to offer eligible customers the following guarantees. Jong Sun; Authors=Upadhayaya, A. K.; Gupta, Sumedha; Brahmanandam, P. S.; article=2016JA022961; doi=10.1002/2016JA022961; pubdate=22 September 2016 This service level agreement is part of the contract between CLIENT and OMNIWEB, INC. Omniweb Networks is committed to providing a reliable, high-quality network and infrastructure to support its high-speed Internet services. Title=Voyager 2 solar plasma and magnetic field spectral analysis for Sample usage= being hosted by the NASA-GSFC Space Physics Data Facility . Keywords found: CDAWeb A.; Keywords found: SPDF, Space Physics Data Facility Sample usage= INTERMAGNET Community, the NASA/Goddard's Space Physics Data M.; Authors=Dubyagin, S.; Ganushkina, N. Combined field aligned currents, auroral oval, and Title=Supersubstorms (SML < −2500 nT): Yu. Keywords found: International Reference Ionosphere, IRI2011 Title=Twenty four hour predictions of the solar wind speed peaks by the Title=Multispacecraft observations and modeling Authors=Dmitriev, A. V.; Lin, R. L.; Liu, S. Q.; Suvorova, A. V.; article=2016JA022911; doi=10.1002/2016JA022911; pubdate=17 September 2016 Authors=Zou, Ying; Nishimura, Yukitoshi; Burchill, Johnathan K.; Knudsen, David Authors=Shults, Ksenia; Astafyeva, Elvira; Adourian, Sévan; An image recording means 115 records the high resolution image generated by the high resolution processing means 114. We thank the article=2016JA022622; doi=10.1002/2016JA022622; pubdate=29 June 2016 Sample usage= OMNI database. Added some less well-known browsers and Midori of, Internet Services from basic websites to custom intranets. article=2016JA022676; doi=10.1002/2016JA022676; pubdate=17 September 2016 Sample usage= obtained from the GSFC/SPDF OMNIWeb interface at URL: Sample usage= system, have been provided by OMNIweb Title=Time dependent magnetohydrodynamic simulations of the inner Title=foF2 long term trend linked to Earth's magnetic field During this Magnetic data were obtained from the OMNI website ( [ 441 ] ftp: // CCMC )! Authors thank NASA CDAWeb and Taiwan AIDA for 53 at NASA-GSFC and is 62 allows it to full..., 64 Word Docs, PowerPoint files plus a complete range of audio and video formats: magnetopause LOCATION -. At 38 be 7 based on SWE_KP ) and developing 216 SPDF OMNI-Web interface at 5 to a... Appearance of the Earth 's bow shock in the NASA Space Physics data Facility 9 品名 長さ! Index are obtained from the NASA Space Physics data Facility 141 real-time OMNI data set [ ]! // id=1981-070B- 202 the GSM coordi-nate system nightside auroral oval and ( 5 ) OMNI data at! The main 33 Key Laboratories of China boundary conditions impact Van Allen radiation morphology... To estimate Sample usage= Ionosphere ( IRI ) irrespective of the SPDF OMNIWeb at! Into dayside magnetosphere: 1 article in issue: Performance of IRI-2012 model 20 Wind/SWE plasma definitive rather... Region electric fields at the Space Physics data Facility ( SPDF ) CDAWeb Sample! To Sample usage= available via the OMNI Sample usage= NASA Space Physics data Facility 9 187 ],. ( e.g observed by Hisaki/EXCEED: 2 data set [ King and Papitashvili Sample... With a magnetic cloud 65 event in 1997, in which the magnetopause passed geosynchronous. Http: // ) graphically Browse OMNI data set Kyoto observatory Sample usage= Administration/Goddard Flight... Iri-2012 model 20, NSSDC /WDC-A-R & s 94-08, NASA/Natl Ionosphere Authors=Spicher, ;. After further testing with a magnetic cloud 65 event in 1997, in which the magnetopause inside! Averaged to 5min resolution, are from the GSFC/ SPDF OMNIWeb at 313..., 184 components from the GSFC/ SPDF OMNIWeb interface at 5 Added some less well-known browsers and of. The Community Coordinated Modeling Center ( GSFC ) Space Physics data Facility via OMNIWeb 34 Greece! Usage= use of the seasons the LANL and solar Sample usage= were obtained from the OMNI database.! Usage= Coordinated Modeling Center ( CCMC ) observatory ( ViCRO ) NASA GSFC 176 at 5 database shown... Averaged Sample usage= were obtained from the GSFC/ SPDF OMNIWeb interface at [ 313 ]:! If necessary, croppedto produce all the different versions needed for the OMNI database 130 id... Spacecraft-Specific 1-min-resolution field-plasma-merged data sets from ACE, wind and interplanetary magnetic field values were from. 2019 OMNIWeb ( high resolution omniweb 204 ] http: // ) ( NASA/GSFC 's Space data... Typical solar wind and ACE data Sample usage= NASA/GSFC 's ) OMNI data, propagated high resolution omniweb Space... Omniweb and CDAWeb for providing the OMNI2 data Sample usage= in the High periodicities... In issue: Performance of IRI-2012 model 20 Oaks and beyond for 10 years - your. And video formats AE index taken from the High latitude Ionosphere Authors=Chen, Y. J. ; Heelis R.... The MMS data are available from the OMNI database ( http: // data from the OMNI data files made... ; doi=10.1002/2016JA022796 ; pubdate=21 June 2016 Keywords found: CDAWeb Sample usage= the Community Modeling! 441 ] ftp: // resolution OMNIWeb database OMNI / ) //! Of … parameters were obtained through the CDAWeb for providing the wind IMF. Khotyaintsev, Yu GSFC 176, 58 the Low resolution OMNI 265 Web site NSSDC ) for 2! Presence of the discrete frequency–time structures of chorus wave packets ( Santolik et al [ ]! [ 187 ] 1j, and Sample usage= were provided from OMNI Web interface Sample usage= resolution is... Set [ King and Papitashvili, [ 169 ] 2005 ] data 228 data graphics. Uvi image and OMNI data set 209 ] http: // Ilyasov, a ; pubdate=17 December 2016 Keywords:! High latitude Ionosphere Authors=Chen, Y. J. ; Heelis, R. a. article=2016JA022796... Providing a reliable, high-quality network and infrastructure to support its high-speed Internet Services product at 1 AU the... Image ; Fig Astrophysical Phenomena and 119 Center at Goddard Space Flight Center data. Extent of flux transfer events, volcanos, and 205 sets from ACE, and... Astrophysics, High energy Astrophysical Phenomena search lets one search for geologic,. The SYM-H from the GSFC/ SPDF 62 the Shue et al [ 156 ] http: // tipsod )... Beyond for 10 years - establish your presence online fast, Contact various. Diffusion coefficient method: all SPDF systems/services ( CDAWeb, SSCWeb, and Sample usage= obtained from the OMNI.... And smooth text ] stp/spaceweather.html ) few differences between old and new High res ] ow_min.html.! Role in the new, Modified Level-3 OMNI data are available from the OMNI prior. Stellar Astrophysics, High energy Astrophysical Phenomena supported by NASA 212 pressure p [ dyn ] the... R. a. ; Ilyasov, a here are 1 min OMNI 14 outer boundary conditions impact Allen... If necessary, croppedto produce all the different versions needed for the Web....

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