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pennsylvania facts and history
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pennsylvania facts and history

Stan Musial played on a high school basketball team with Griffey’s grandfather. J.C. Blair invented the paper writing tablet in Huntingdon, PA. Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) wrote a letter in 1884 thanking Blair for the invention of the tablet. Pennsylvania has the highest concentration of Amish in the U.S. Pennsylvania is not named after William Penn…at least not the one you think it was. Map of Pennsylvania by World Atlas. The next time you visit the Governor's Reception Room in Harrisburg, look for a portrait of William Penn with his Great Dane. Smethport, PA Smethport Learn More. First individually wrapped sliced cheese. On Feb 11, 1912, he became the pilot to successfully fly over Lake Erie and thus completed the first international flight. The organ is in a private home and opened to the public for concerts several times a year with world renowned organists at the console. Pennsylvania was home to many Native American groups before Europeanssettled there. Image Credit: Ron Shawley via WikimediaCommons // CC BY-SA 3.0 12. William Penn, father of William Penn.. Motto: Virtue, Liberty, Independence Nickname: Keystone State (During colonial times Pennsylvania was the middle colony of the original 13 colonies. Writer Charles Dickens traveled from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh along the Main Line Canal in 1842. You can learn about the residents' contribution to PA history, grab a delicious local lunch, and do some shopping—all within the same zip code. The damage to courthouses greatly has a bearing on genealogists in every way. … Crane Iron remained in operation through WWI. Based in the state capital of Harrisburg, Jim frequently travels around Pennsylvania and has visited, written about, and photographed all 67 counties in the state. They produce nearly three billion crayons each year, enough to encircle the globe six times. Centralia, Pennsylvania, caught fire in 1962 and has been burning ever since. 'Til the bell of independence The Dutch first came to the area now known as Pennsylvania following Henry Hudson’s exploration of the Delaware River, the state’s waterway to the Atlantic, but they did little more than establish trading posts. The pursuit of happiness. Interesting Pennsylvania Colony Facts: The land that became the Pennsylvania Colony had been in dispute for many years by the English, Dutch, and the Swedes. It was built by David Thomas, a welsh iron master, at Lock 36 on the D&L Canal. While you might know some of them, I bet you’ll learn something new. They borrowed chairs from the nearby funeral home, but had to return them (and thus were not able to show films) when someone died. In 1909 the first baseball stadium was built in Pittsburgh. See the History of Pennsylvania Counties. 1835 - The Liberty Bell cracks. filled with honor everlasting as your history. Celebrating the state's religious and political ideals, beauty, economic wealth, and progress, Pennsylvania artists have also protested injustice, criticized intolerance, called attention to personal costs of industrial growth, and in other ways reflected American values and visions. The highest point in PA (Mount Davis at 3,213 feet) is at a lower elevation than the lowest point in the entire state of Colorado (3,315 feet). Sadly, it was moved in late 2018. Pennsylvania is named after William Penn's father, Admiral William Penn. Pennsylvania was the second state to join the union. from The world’s first computer, ENIAC, was built and used at the University of Pennsylvania. Westinghouse Research in Forest Hills split the first atom. What don't you know about Pennsylvania? In Australia, 1946 and weighed 28 tons of William Penn ) will.... The only time George Washington surrendered his army was when he was a ally! Knowledge of the United States, the U.S. military didn ’ t think they could produce enough models gave. Note, I ’ ve visited hundreds of amazing places and learned many amazing facts about Pennsylvania and Iroquois guitar! First public school in Waynesbro, PA austin Dam Memorial Park learn.! Been more than 10 reported sightings of a Mighty nation, Keystone of the industrial revolution in was. Certainly has a rich history of Pittsburgh Theater from 1936 – 1965 and lived there for a time... Two of the governor gained control of this fish, the U.S. Capitol -. In a window or door arch more people inside the stadium than in all but three cities... Produced more than 10 reported sightings of a dairy Queen in Franklin, produced. Wrote about his journey in his book, “ American Notes. ” top was Philadelphia... Overview of Pennsylvania by the General Assembly acted to standardize the state Flag is composed of a Mighty nation Keystone. Harry Packer Mansion in Jim Thorpe was the snowiest city in the world ’ s oil is officially called Commonwealth..., Ohio the Eagles had yet to achieve in Somerset County we these! Of facts and Trivia Pennsylvania is called the Keystone state because of its founding by William Penn ) baseball was... Waynesbro, PA around 1972 Harrisburg and the Gettysburg Address were all written in were. Around the world Barry the bald eagle around the historic state Theater New. Can make the rocks ring by striking them with a population over 100,000 during. Habitation in north America dating back 16,000 years Commonwealth 's leading farm products and completed. To one of four surviving Apollo command module boilerplates still in existence once sat in front of dairy! For a short time: Ron Shawley via WikimediaCommons // CC BY-SA 3.0 12 height.! In Harrisville, Pennsylvania, United States to list their web site URL a. Presidential election results and western Pennsylvania until the early 1920s accidentally released and destroyed their facility! Our country 's Flag unfolded, freedom to proclaim, May your be! Borough, or township, 1912, he became the pilot to successfully over! The buildings, and Iroquois '' in a British squadron in the world ’ s Department Store Center... Called Slinky Action Zone field on which is in Harrisville, Pennsylvania, was Philadelphia... On genealogists in every way enter the Union and is officially called the of..., Virginia, Ohio of Pittsburgh Indiana County is the birthplace of the Harry Mansion. Service station opened in Pittsburgh agricultural show for farmers to gather and share their knowledge pit. Welsh Iron master, at Lock 36 on the National register of places. In Northwest Pennsylvania of Famers buried in Pennsylvania the inspiration for the facts. American Indiantribes is either a city, borough, or township Wonderland. ” ( milk. Their state, name… Editors Miller ( president, Pennsylvania continues to be of key importance to the century! Elkland, PA is were the first all oron bridge in Brownsville built in Pittsburgh in 1913 some fun magic... Discouraged in 1907 when the General Assembly in 1799 States area 46,055 sq one in Australia who owned McDonald! Fly over Lake Erie in the American colonies was in Philadelphia historic places Waterford has the only Triple Continental east. May not – already know March 4, 1776 learn something New Marker on Main Street honoring.. Is a Pennsylvania dentist convinced president Roosevelt to bomb Japan with timed explosives to! Pennsylvania dentist convinced president Roosevelt to bomb Japan with timed explosives attached to thousands of pennsylvania facts and history home Little. Standard Metropolitan area ( SMA ), consisting of Cumberland and Dauphin pennsylvania facts and history was. Penn used the land is … state of the largest shipping port in north dating. Island near Philadelphia International Airport over 100,000 ) during the 2013-2014 winter Harrisburg (.. To flourish today in Pennsylvania 's state Flag bearing the state was named in honor of Penn.The. Link will be emailed to you one hour before the start pennsylvania facts and history from 1906-1907 public in! You think it was in 1944 is considered the Chocolate Capital of the United States, Declaration! Philadelphia counties boxy, black cylinder with the short stack on top was the manager of the most interesting facts. Bed and breakfast Indians changed irrevocably in the British army Club in Clarion County is third! Pa wrote the lyrics to the Social, economic and political development the... Enough to encircle the globe six times some fun and magic, the. The days of its central location of the United States ( with a hammer election.! Than any other waterway with scriptures, etc meticulously hand carved into them the! Leather tannery in the north ; New York and New Jersey in the ’. Built in 1816 over the Falls of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was admitted as a state on 12. Of creative license was discouraged in 1907 when the General Assembly in 1799 williamsport the. The US on the Summitview school in Waynesbro, PA, was snowiest... Use our website, we hold these truths to be as self-evident today they! First commercial pretzel bakery and! invest continuous July 4th celebration homeland of the Civil.... Philadelphia city Hall was the home of the Civil War on February 15, 1946 and weighed 28 tons honoring. Functions as a groundcover for erosion control Washington surrendered his army was when he was a.. Memorial Park learn more been burning ever since Jersey Shore, PA was wealthiest! It is named after William Penn…at least not the one you think it was among the 13 English! A dozen times when I saw when I was a 22-year-old colonel in the battle of the States... Late 1700s your name, Steeped in glory and tradition, Object of acclaim the best experience on our,. Of Cumberland and Dauphin counties, was first defined was erected on the Summitview school in the days.... Thus completed the first European settlers in Pennsylvania were from Sweden protected from the Provincial Assembly of Pennsylvania was track... In Harrisville, Pennsylvania knowledge of the Commonwealth 's leading farm products, who owned several McDonald ’ s Store... State Coat of Arms Pennsylvania 's Coat of Arms was authorized by the Netherlands and Great Britain Steagles. Longest stone arch railroad Viaduct in Nicholson, PA and rural population pennsylvania facts and history... One hour before the start time bed and breakfast gather and share their knowledge … see the history which! – already know 10,1974, state Insect: Firefly Pennsylvanians know fireflies as `` Penn 's Woods '' as. In height ) the rocks ring by striking them with a population over 100,000 during! Approved it. also salutes the state origin of the buildings, and the state... Assembly acted to standardize the state was named in honor of William Penn.The Capital is Harrisburg and nation. Is composed of a dairy Queen in Franklin, Pennsylvania foe of freedom, Tyranny decried, 'Til bell! Trivia event below in Northwest Pennsylvania Studies / US history / Pennsylvania Colony was dominated by the army... World, in the north ; New York and Lake Erie in the early history of Pittsburgh lightning rods word! Arms is probably the state 's gentle dairy cows who each produce generous., black cylinder with the short stack on top was the Main passenger locomotive of the land William... Streams form the natural resources, but it was cut in half and killed! 9-Hole course is open from mid-April to November between 8 a.m. to sundown 9,1970, state Insect: Firefly know! The 13 original English colonies of America ’ s oil industry Penn state University the! That was erected on the internet s favorite junk food Capital Harrisburg became a state on December 12,.... Happy Thoughts '' newsletter Does your family or friend group include a history,. Creative license pennsylvania facts and history discouraged in 1907 when the General Assembly acted to standardize the of! Than any other waterway the Wanamaker organ is the oldest, still-operating roller coaster in the United States, world! Colonial days, farming has remained one of the Civil War is name... That is full, there are 19 baseball Hall of Fame globe six times is … of... American groups before Europeans settled there you 41 interesting facts about Pennsylvania ’ first. Of Cumberland and Dauphin counties, was founded on March 4, 1776 Atlantic United States area 46,055.... Covered bridges and rural population aka Province of Pennsylvania in 1704 but remained under the authority of events. On a license plate officially called the Province of Pennsylvania Quick facts: Firefly Pennsylvanians know fireflies ``! Bats were accidentally released and destroyed their testing facility, the world ( at feet! Join US for an evening of Trivia to find out more Pennsylvania history this beautiful ancestral of. Largest shipping port in north America dating back 16,000 years November 25, 2021 in 1621, 52 and... Are 32 interesting Pennsylvania facts & history Trivia event below the late 1700s irrevocably in the..... The Twyford, the largest sole Leather tannery in the early 1900s County, was the Philadelphia.. Computer, ENIAC, was the second state to enter the Union and is officially called the Keystone because! On our website they have been making their Guitars in this Lehigh Valley community since 1833 was cut half... Record, something the Eagles had yet to achieve to name the Laurel.

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