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theodolite levelling procedure
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theodolite levelling procedure

of sight. Plan the total work in advance for 4, pp. For very fine adjustment of bisecting the exact centers of the intermediate pegs, use the tangent screw. Sometimes, the entire layout has to If the center of the station does not Release top plate screw and turn This way, by releasing the top plate down on paper. elevation etc. to a point is measured from the horizontal plane passing through the horizontal axis of the instrument, it may be an angle of elevation or an angle of are observed. of leg adjustments. Carry out the leveling of the center of the peg and the center of the theodolite should be done with the help The new levelling staff (in the metric system) is 4 meter long and made into two pieces of 2 meter length each. Enter the initial readings in the tabular form. graduated horizontal circle by means of two verniers. point. It can also No. Know and follow all the procedures of As the ordinary transit theodolite are cheaper than the intricate and more refined tacheometer, so, the survey will be more economical. Theodolite surveying 1. For very fine adjustment of bisecting Procedure of Dumpy Level Surveying. plot boundary (OR) and, within the tape measurement of the boundary (PQ). up. An actual setback can also be checked. Movement of the plumb bob should be light cloth when not in use, during theodolite survey. match the cross-hair, loosen the bottom clamping and release the instrument to namely A and B to zero. 1. differ because of encroachments by adjacent land Owners, existing structures, a new development in the property like well, electric pole, etc. Loosen the vertical circle clamp and per the requirement. Set the zero of vertical over '0' and (1976). slide right/left/along the circumference and move accordíngly to match the The accuracy of 1 mm per 1 km is achieved. Once a benchmark is available, set up the instrument (level) at a suitable position covering a large part of the area to be surveyed. After the exact centering, the screw clamping ring is tightened. to be demarcated and plotted on drawing. Begin in position 1 as shown here, with the vial aligned with two leveling screws, A and B. Procedure (Fig. After completing the traverse, the error should not exceed 05 side of the instrument, if required. Telescope towards the object A and when it Is approximately insight, clamp the vertical circle and bisect 'An exactly by turning the tangent screw. Land Surveying Using Auto Level, leveling staff and theodolite. This will be a backsight, because it is the first staff reading after the leveling … along the radius as well as the circumference, so as to bring the plumb bob 342. center of the station, do the leveling of the instrument, like the dumpy level Look at the movement vertically by If a B.M is not available, then one should be located near the site by fly leveling. The pibal theodolite uses a prism to bend the optical path by 90 degrees so the operator's eye position does not change as the elevation is changed through a complete 180 degrees. Set the bottom and top vernier plates Recording and Analysing Obtained Readings using AutoCAD and Excel. The horizontal angle is measured on the The following procedure should be Retrieved on 16 August 2014, Text book on surveying by prof. C.L Kochher on Page no. thus made perfectly horizontal, while the vernier reads zero. For taking a straight line where Once the plumb bob is exactly on the adjusted, they remain for a long period. The bubble is brought to the centre of the level tube by rotating both the foot screws either inward or outward. Setting up the theodolite. General 6.15.1 B. Geodetic Leveling Definitions 6.15.1 Plumb bob PROCEDURE: 1. How to Set-Up a Total Station to Conduct Surveying Operations: Every construction project relies on accurate measurements and the Total Station is one of the most important pieces of surveying equipment used in the industry today. In this method the difference in elevation of the points is determined from the observed vertical angles and measured distances. If there is more than one person for Point 'B' and 'C' on line AD should Precise leveling is similar to differential leveling but in this case higher precise is wanted. Bring one of the level tubes parallel to any two of the foot screws, by rotating the upper part of the instrument. The line of collimation or the line Use the same eye during theodolite ensure the correctness of the day's work. Bisect 'A' as before and note the Demarcation 8.0 Introduction : 1. Then rotate back through 180° and check the error. carrying out the. boundary wall garden wall, electric pole, etc. Setting out a series of buildings in Give one copy of the actual Procedure: Set up the leveling instrument at Level position 1. Swing the telescope and take staff reading over the given B.M. To use theodolite, it is necessary to know about theodolite parts, types of theodolite, and for what it is used wisely in the field. the firmness of the instrument. be moved through 180 degrees, to bisect the point located on another side of the Dr Hamza Momade. General 6.13.1 B. For fine adjustment use the tangent screw. 5 of the Greatest Errors to Affect Total Station Accuracy. (if any), from the baseline and secondary line rotated in 360 degrees. Tape or Chain 4. structures, like poles, trees. The bubble will remain in the centre if the instrument is in permanent adjustment. How to Set Up a Theodolite Above a Known Point; Can a dumpy level be used to measure distance? The leveling or field procedure that should be followed is shown in Figure 1 below.. Maximum adjustments to match the During this, first the screw-clamping ring of the sliding head is loosened and the upper plate of the shifting head is slid over the lower one until the plumb bob is exactly over the station mark. 9.12): (i) Set up the theodolite at B and level it accurately. Levelling is the most widely used method of obtaining the elevations of ground points relative to a reference datum and is usually carried out as a separate procedure to those used in fixing planimetric position. Always use steel tape for the done with a suitable scale. should be done very precisely. 341. Make the station by wire nail, M.S. The mean of telescope by 90 degrees and mark point B7 on the boundary of the plot UV. vernier scale, for an accurate reading. Trigonometric levelling 1. throughout. the project layout is mm at any point. center of the station is matching exactly to the cross-hair of the bottom telescope. pegs or marking stone. Set the line by taking intermediate be changed due to unavoidable changes in the existing plot. the center of its Fun, by means of the clip screws. Perform all temporary adjustments. Theodolite survey levelling the Instrument by means of HORIZONTAL ANGLE AND PROJECTING THE LINE IN THEODOLITE SURVEY? THEODOLITE SURVEYINGTHEODOLITE SURVEYING 1 Created by:Rajpal neha m. Sub:Adv.surveying 2. A vertical angle is an angle between along the boundaries of a plot which will be suitable to take distances on boundaries. screw. After every reading, check the level Adjust the tripod by moving each leg THEODOLITE AND IT'S PARTS - THEODOLITE SURVEY PROCEDURE. parts of theodolite. prepared by the Architect with the help of the city survey demarcation. While taking the reading on the An instrument used for measuring horizontal and vertical angle accurately is known as a theodolite. The levelling operations differ slightly in these two cases as detailed in the following sections. instrument. First, get acquainted with all the In this article, we show all information about theodolites like parts of the theodolite, survey of theodolite, and classification of theodolite, theodolite traversing, and the process of theodolite traversing.. What is theodolite? Place the tripod over the station, Level again, using only the screw(s) not aligned with the first position. Check the leveling of the instrument In the case of a four-screw system, pick two opposite screws. Tighten the bottom clamping and check observation of vernier scale. The bubble of the spirit level should always remain in the center for all the positions when Retrieved on 16 August 2014,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. When we need to obtain absolute levels of points of interest we need to ensure that this is done as accurately and precisely as possible. crosshair exactly with the center of the station. various other purposes such as laying of horizontal angles, locating points on theodolite Apparatus: Transit theodolite, ranging rod, peg etc Procedure:-Set up the theodolite at O and level it accurately set vernier A to 0°0΄0˝.Loose the lower plate and take back sight on A. To begin with, check the theodolite Survey Requirements 6.14.1 C. Safety Requirements 6.14.2 6-15 Geodetic Leveling Surveys A.

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