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ashur and naevia
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ashur and naevia

Ahsur is a former gladiator who was crippled by Crixus and plans to avenge his misfortune to all those that have wronged him. The two are seen by Ashur making love, and in attempt to gain vengeance on Crixus for crippling him, asks for Naevia's purity from Batiatus. Diona ignores her former friend, ashamed and embarrassed of what was done to her. Naevia survived longer than any other female character on the show; she first appeared the second episode of the first season and died the last episode of the third season. He would then secure a position for himself to fight in the Primus alongside Gannicus, Crixus, Dagan, Gnaeus, Narto and Duratius. This, however, would turn into pure hatred and vengeance for his former brothers of their mockery and ridicule of him, even when he was in gladiator in good standing. During their fight, Ashur comments that the once delicate flower has grown thorns. Ashur faces off in the contest against Barca and later Gnaeus, both subsequently defeat him. Discover (and save!) Ashur remarks that Crixus is more dangerous than Spartacus thinks and to be careful. However, once Crixus kills Arrius, Crassus’ army descends upon them. Under patronage of Glaber, he dresses in a fashion akin to that of a mercenary and carries a sword with him at all times, as well as a clean shaven face. Naevia is a character from Spartacus: Blood and Sand. During the trip, Lucretia reveals that she has been promised to Ashur, and the two plot to get rid of him by telling Glaber that Ashur betrayed him by telling Seppia about who murdered her brother. This, however, turns out to be a trap as Calavius is already dead, his throat slit earlier by Ashur, and Solonius is left over his body as the guards arrive, with Batiatus at their lead. He and Barca are sent in a mission to kill Ovidius. Nick E Tarabay, the actor who plays Ashur is 183cm (6'0") tall. Gannicus responds by telling her that she is a true warrior now, and therefore if she ever lays hands on him again for any reason, he will treat her as one. Neviyah in Hebrew (a language closely related to Phoenician) means 'prophetess'. Her hatred of Romans also led her to attack and brutally kill Attius, who may or may not have helped hide the Roman prisoners. However, his new "love" for her is expressed through possessiveness and violence, and he is quick to beat and rape her should. Once Crixus kills Arius she tells Crixus he is a god., It was recently announced that Ashur will become available, as a playable character, after beating him in. Glaber retreats back to the abandoned temple, but the Rebels soon follow, and attack Glaber's remaining forces. About Cynthia Addai-Robinson. Naevia goes to the villa with him to confront Agron, who remains loyal. She looks up in time to see Crixus impaled by Tiberius’ spear. She accepts and tells her thank you. In the ensuing weeks, Naevia proves herself to be a capable swordswomen, and the romance between herself and Crixus begins to blossom once more and they rekindle their physical romance by making love. Ashur's left arm catches the fire on the way out and he loses his chance to become champion. Her life of servitude, coupled with the horrible mistreatment she suffered after being thrown out of The House of Batiatus have made her bitter and angry - she is unable to look upon any Roman with empathy. As it just so happens, Agron and Nasir find a man with information about Naevia after they attack a slave cart. Batiatus then interrogates and kills Remus after discovering that the assassination attempt on him was made by Ovidius a merchant whom Batiatus in indebted too. she insult him. Glaber sees Crixus rage as an insult and prepares to leave. A few days later, Naevia finds Diona crying - Diona tells her that she prays that the next man she is forced to lie with takes her life. Naevia informs him that Crixus, the Undefeated Gaul, had trained her in combat. killerbeeswithattitude. While Crixus is whipped for his outburst, Lucretia violently beats Naevia inside the villa, eventually grabbing a knife and hacking off most of Naevia's hair, leaving several bloody bald patches, and cutting her face in the process. ―Naevia to Crixus, "You were right. In the mountains she talks about retaking the city, to which Spartacus replies; "the city is lost". Naevia assists Spartacus and the other gladiators in killing the Romans who had caught up to them. Ashur, although a lower tier gladiator himself, is confident that this will not help. When pressed to a corner, Ashur is shown to have greater skill than usually thought, being able to fight off and defeat three trained Roman soldiers in direct combat, as well as taking down Nemetes and Lugo. On one unfortunate evening, while Lucretia and Gaia are relaxing in the villa, Varus and his friend Cossutius arrive unannounced. Many characters have taken note of her beauty, including: Crixus, Lucretia, Ashur, Sedullus, Gannicus and even Spartacus. Crixus steps up to fight Ashur head on, but Naevia steps in, wanting to kill the man who brought her into such despair resulting in Ashur and Naevia clashing. Ashur showing Glaber & Ilithyia Licinia's hand. She is quick to strike at Ulpianus, a Roman baker who so desperately wanted bread for his pregnant wife, and who may or may not have been reaching for a sword instead. As a body slave, she often wore a blue linen dress and veil when going outdoors, as did Melitta, her predecessor. Ashur and Aulus work in shifts but Ashur is weary of the mission, claiming it too bold but Batiatus asserts his authority and tells Ashur to stick to the plan. Dagan repeatedly insults Crixus in Assyrian (Aramaic), and Ashur mocks Crixus by falsely translating the insults into friendly banter. Ashur prepares to kill Naevia, but his arrogance overcomes him and he begins to speak out to all the others. Though Naevia initially never yearned to become a fighter, she realizes learning how to defend herself was a necessity for her own survival. Having located Oenomaus fighting under an assumed name in the Pits, he kills his old teacher's opponent and captures him. As the captured Rebels are marched back to Glaber, the remaining members of the group, along with Naevia, seek out Agron and the others in the forest. Crixus and Naevia finally have a chance to be alone together, and with time of the essence Naevia wish to learn something. He later shaves his face as a further show of loyalty. Saved from Alongside Crixus, Agron, and thousands of others they leave a path of blood towards Rome. Ashur agrees, but is visibly distraught over the decision. Batiatus, however, is enraged at Glaber's disregard for him and instructs Ashur to show Glaber the reason he'll have to grant. Ashur is promoted to the villa as Batiatus' right hand man following his loyalty. 169-158 BC. Ashur being Decapitated by Naevia. As an act to "test his loyalty", Glaber sends Ashur to the Rebels with a list of demands in order to ensure terms of surrender. In a call back to their first meeting, Naevia remarks to Crixus, "You were right. [1] Back in the Rebel encampment, Naevia heals her wounds in a tent while the other Rebels prepare for the upcoming snow storm. Especially if the Phoenician line of ancestry hailed from North African colonies such as Carthage, Thapsus, Utica or Hippo Rhegius. She also showed underhanded moves as she treacherously attacked Gannicus from behind. Ashur pledges his allegiance to Glaber by removing the mark of the brotherhood from his arm and then sets to the task of brutally interrogating Oenomaus. Ashur would then participate in the games of the New Arena. When did YOU stand forth for Ashur? 2. Ashur is an ex-gladiator in Batiatus' ludus and a central antagonist in the series. Crixus attacks Ashur in a fit of rage causing the guards to apprehend him and take him away. As a reward he requests to have Naevia, knowing that she loves Crixus and that this would anger the man. He is enthusiastic about his training and friendly towards the other recruits, apart from perhaps Crixus, who joins slightly later than the others. Naevia appears as one of the characters in Spartacus: Swords and Ashes and Spartacus: Morituri. Glaber, remembering how Ashur was responsible for forcing patronage to Batiatus, is hesitant and wonders of what loyalty Ashur could provide. Ashur - now clean-shaven - resides in the champion's quarters in the ludus. He kills former Magistrate Sextus, who falls from the balcony to the square with Ashur (Who's robe was grabbed by Sextus as he died and fell). Spartacus, Crixus, Agron and Gannicus make it down the mountain side and are able to use the catapults against the Romans, causing massive damage to there camp. "There is nothing in my possession that is not given to me by Domina. Naevia is a former slave in The House of Batiatus, owned by Lucretia, who later becomes Crixus' love interest. After this she and Crixus see Roman scouts coming and starts to rally the population to attack until Spartacus appears and demoralize them. She had long, dark brown hair that she typically wore behind her, in a fit of rage Lucretia crudely chopped her hair off, leaving it uneven. Ashur, however, declines, declaring himself Batiatus' man although Solonius tells Ashur that he will find greater reward under his patronage. The group eventually finds Agron and the others and are able to make camp in an abandoned temple. After the tribute games Naevia burns Crixus' severed head to honor him and the dead. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Ashur replies "I am not a Roman." He stiches up her wounds and ensures that she survives, seeing her clothed, fed and cared for. The events leading to Ashur's death mirror that of his victim Barca: they were both fiercely loyal to their superiors, only to lose their trust through false information and be betrayed by them. With sword training teachings from Crixus, she eventually develops skill rather quickly and adeptly to the point where she does not need aid in a fight and can easily cleave an enemies head off in one swing. Naevia takes advantage of this and fatally injures him. #lotr #spartacus #aragorn #legolas #naevia #nasir #lord of the rings #the two towers. As he and his brothers fight off against Solonius' men, Dagan attacks him in a rage. Ashur exposes Crixus and Naevia's affair, as Lucretia now aware of the relationship between the two, feels hurt and betrayed by both for she thought that Crixus was hers alone. How to fight. The Rebels storm the city of Sinuessa, effectively exterminating nearly every Roman in the city, leaving but a few alive. Ashur was able to figure out from that pretty quickly that Spartacus and his men were moving south because they … Ashur disguises with Gnaeus as traders and upon revealing themselves fight against Tullius and his men, which they manage to defeat. He wins his arena and sparring matches by tricking his opponents or by sheer luck. It is no easy thing, to cleave a man's head from his shoulders in one blow. After killing Liscus, Ashur drags Marcus into a secluded area and begs him to order a retreat, but the soldier refuses, stating that they are Romans and will fight to the last man. See more naevia GIFs! After his supposed betrayal is revealed to Glaber, Ashur is sent to bargain with Spartacus, claiming that Glaber will release the other Rebels in exchange for Spartacus' life. During the slave revolt Ashur manages to escape the chaos in the square to the ludus but is cornered by Oenomaus, who insists on knowing what truly happened to Barca. Crixus' gesture, however, affects her and his feelings are reciprocated. 1,327 notes. To advance himself, he would seek Praetor Gaius Claudius Glaber and become his right hand similar to Batiatus and show the same unwavering loyalty. They, however, need Spartacus to be victorious so Ashur goes to Marcellus and gets a special poison that will weaken Crixus. Afterwards, Ashur slits Indus' throat because he allowed Vettius to see his face, and is therefore recognizable. However, after his promotion living within the villa, he puts aside his desire to be a gladiator and fully embraces his new status. He has been seen to wear a dark, hooded cloak during visits to the city, both with and without Batiatus' presence. —Naevia to Crixus, "I do not deserve a woman such as you." Upon learning basic self defense techniques, she is able to escape Sedullus attack when he tries to rape her. Under Roman law, the entire household of slaves could be put to death if even one of their number kills their dominus. your own Pins on Pinterest She is privy to Lucretia's affair with Crixus and is sent to bring him to her. He begins to make advances towards her but his attempts are stopped by Mira who has her sent away from Ashur whenever he is near her. Language: English Words: 1,043 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 6 Kudos: 13 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 177; Wasteland, Baby! Crixus laughs and mocks Ashur for his desire to return as a gladiator, but Ashur persists and returns to his old training attire and appears on the training grounds, where he is laughed at. The plan makes Naevia worry for the safety of Crixus, but her worries are set aside when the group successfully invade the villa and kill Cossinius and Furius. Ashur takes part in the bets and informs Batiatus of the events and odds against them. What is your purpose so near rebel encampment? Though Oenomaus is wary, Ashur insists but Batiatus calls for him. Ashur soon departs the ludus to Capua and to gather some of the most dangerous men he can find. Ashur watches the fight against Theokoles with Oenomaus, Varro and Barca. When confronted by Lucretia as to why he told Glaber about the vial, instead of what he was told. Batiatus' rage and ambitions begin to get the better of him, leading him to recruit Aulus to capture Magistrate Calavius. He also serves as a main antagonist for the series. Ashur then becomes Solonius' informant. Batiatus, however, heralds Ashur's cunning in higher regard and orders him to remain at his side and not return to the sands. Through Ashur, he manages to get a necklace for her, which she is forced to refuse because slaves are not allowed personal belongings. Tags. The Rebels eventually decide to kill Ashur as a means to answer Glaber. During her time in the rebellion, Naevia has taken to wearing a set of makeshift armor and has her hair long again, but this time braided. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Crixus' attempts cause friction within the group, particularly with Agron, who does not want to waste time searching for someone who (he feels) is almost certainly dead. With memories of brutal treatment by the Romans, she appears to experience a severe level of post traumatic stress relieved by her obsessive thirst to kill Romans with her newly acquired fighting skills. She is banished from the Ludus after their love affair is discovered. Following the departure of Spartacus and the other gladiators and slaves of The House of Batiatus, Ashur returns into the villa where he discovers Lucretia barely alive. Originally content with trying to undermine Crixus' status as champion, he later takes a more active role after discovering Crixus' affair with Naevia. Ashur is a direct enemy and main personal antagonist of several individuals. Nov 3, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Leanne Buitendijk. The Latin term for an assassin, as Ashur was for Batiatus and Glaber on occasion, was. In a public viewing of the gladiators for Claudius Glaber's amusement, Crixus spots Ashur's intent towards Naevia and her frightened face causes Crixus to attack him, losing control. Through Ashur, he manages to get a necklace for her, which she is forced to refuse because slaves are not allowed personal belongings. Who is with you?" Ashur enters the conversation to caution Spartacus about Crixus, telling Spartacus of Crixus' most famous victory over the Gargan Twins. It's but time and method that differ." Crixus, who is with all the other gladiators, discovers what is going on, as Ashur looks up to him. Ashur is repeatedly told that, if it wasn't for Dagan's talent and lack of language, he would have been sold to the mines long before. She tells Spartacus that they were ready for journy to the mountines. He even begins calling her "my love" and giving her gifts of the jewels he has stolen from those he has killed at Glaber's command. In the final battle, Naevia kills many Romans, using Tiberius' sword. I'm in no way wishing this upon her but my sympathy meter is much higher for all of the slaves and gladiators she and Batiatus submitted to sexual assaults for their own gratification and to improve their financial and political positions. Naevia is present at Barca's murder and is ordered to keep it a secret and say that Barca left the ludus peacefully. Batiatus believes the letter and kills Barca, thereby relieving Ashur of any debts he still owed the gladiator. He has a great hatred towards Crixus. How to breathe again. Just before she tries to behead Tiberius, Spartacus stops Naevia and tells her of the trade, telling her that it is her choice. She uses these skills to satiate her thirst for vengeance by cleaving Ashur's head from his body. Crixus responds by crippling Ashur with a slash through the leg and pushing him out of the ring of fire. He overhears Spartacus and Varro talking about Crixus. Ashur has an olive complexion, brown eyes and black hair. Ashur however believes that she is beginning to enjoy their time together, turning it into a twisted love/hate relationship. After this she, Nemetes and Lysiscus convince Crixus to massacre the Romans in the street. Ashur was often referred to as a "Serpent" by many characters. Naevia tells him of Laeta's actions as Gannicus who awoke confirms it while discreetly admonishing Naevia as he mentioned he didn't deserve his death. (, The love between Crixus and Naevia has sometimes been compared, by the characters, to the love between, Naevia has no interaction whatsoever with Crixus in. The reunion between Crixus and Naevia, though sweet, is stained by the memories Naevia has of being sent from villa to villa as a "gift". This is short-lived as Glaber and his army storm the Rebel camp (thanks to Ashur), which sees many rebels killed and Spartacus and his remaining followers are forced to retreat up to the barren, rocky top of Mt. "You are the only man who truly does." When Spartacus speaks with the other Rebel leaders Nasir tells him that a rider approaches, At first they think it is a Roman, but as they look more closely they realize it is Naevia, who is holding Crixus' severed head. He informs Naevia of Tiberius being Crassus' son and capture, he tells her she will be given a chance to kill him and she agrees to his offer. Having revealed his relationship with Naevia, she too is beaten and taken from the ludus to be sold on the markets, much to Ashur's delight. She reveals to Crixus that after being sent away, she was taken in by a dominus who bathed, clothed and fed her - she thought herself in a dream for he was so kind to her. Realizing their desperate situation, Saxa, Lugo, Nemetes and a few other Germans decide to make a brash attempt to overpower the Roman soldiers at the base of the mountain - which is a miserable failure, resulting in only a few making it back alive, thanks to Spartacus' intervention. He returns with the few remaining men to the ludus, and Glaber imprisons him for his failure, promising that he too will be executed in the upcoming gladiatoral games meant to execute Crixus, Rhaskos, and Oenomaus. Once he is finished, both Varus and Cossutius immediately leave the ludus. On one night of love-making, Ashur spots the Naevia and Crixus from the stairs above. While wearing it, he also wears a red and black sash from his right shoulder to his waist, signifying his slightly elevated status above most other male slaves. (, 2 Glaber's Soldiers - In final battle on Vesuvius. The Rebels eventually decide to kill Ashur as a means to answer Glaber. Its possible that Ashur comes from what was then the Parthian-ruled province of Athura (Assyria), to the immediate east of Seleucid Syria, as it was still a predominantly Aramaic-speaking region in the Middle East. Other returning actors include Peter Mensah (Doctore), Manu Bennett (Crixus), Antonio Te Maioha (Barca), Nick E. Tarabay (Ashur), Lesley-Ann Brandt (Naevia) – and others. Ashur then leaves to escape Capua as Calavius has seen his face. Naevia kills many soldiers and watches as Glaber duels Spartacus before he is eventually killed by the latter. As a potential freedman in Glaber's service, if not for Lucretia and Illythia's betrayal, Ashur would perhaps have adopted the personal name and the Gens (clan name) of his patron, possibly that of Gaius Claudius Ashur. He also requests that Rhaskos be left dirty from the fights in the ludus to represent all that is grotesque in life, in contrast to Diona, who is clean and untouched, who represents beauty. Crixus steps up to fight Ashur head on, but Naevia steps in, wanting to kill the man who brought her into such despair resulting in Ashur and Naevia clashing. Absolutely miscast, and it ruined the "Revenge on Ashur" showdown. She can only whine and act poorly. Naevia chooses to fight Crassus and his army leting those less able to slip from Roman grasp. After Theokoles' death, Ashur is sent to town to buy wine and women from Marcellus to celebrate Spartacus' victory. She is extremely kind and compassionate, holding her friends close to heart and not being able to stand seeing them in pain. So that no man will ever lay hands on me against my will. When Crixus decides to part from Spartacus she accompanies him as he sets towards Rome. Just the opposite. On one night of love-making, Ashur spots Naevia and Crixus from the stairs above. But it is a fucking start." Several weeks later Ashur makes contact with Lucretia in the marketplace of Capua, discretely passing her a written message while hiding his face under a hood. Eventually he gains enough patronage with Glaber to have her promise to be his wife and the ludus to be granted to him for his service, something Lucretia will do anything not to see. Despite his bet against them Ashur comes to Spartacus and gives him advice on how to deal with Crixus. He flees the ludus, first hiding under the corpses of some Roman soldiers to wait for the coast to clear before departing. When an assassination attempt on Batiatus is stopped by Spartacus in The Pit, Ashur notices that the "assassins" are actually slaves. Like most household slaves, she is often barefoot. Naevia hurries to her friend's side, but it is too late; she dies in Spartacus' arms. Such is the case with the slave girl Diona, a good friend to Naevia within the house of Batiatus. —Ashur, "My fucking treachery? —Naevia luring a band of Romans into a trap, "Men such as him hold the greatest [threat]. Ashur tries to convince Batiatus to allow him to return to the sands so he could prove his worth to Batiatus. Naevia recounts that the man then showed a darker side, taking her to place outside the villa where he could sexually torture her. She also tells him of a potion Ilithyia has bought to abort her child, and where it is kept, ordering him to find it and replace it with a placebo. The new "Naevia" is really horrible. It is no easy task. The oldest foundations discovered thus far are those beneath the first Ishtar Temple, which probably formed the base for an earlier temple as the Mesopotamians generally built the same sort of structure on the ruins of an earlier one.From pottery and other artifacts fou… Betrayed by his only friend and now robbed of his position as a gladiator, he and Crixus would then hold a mutual grudge from that point on. At the end of the prequel, Naevia is made Lucretia's personal body slave, after the death of Melitta, and receives her mark tattooed on her right shoulder. If the latter, then it would lend support to her Phoenician origins. Since then, he became Batiatus' errand boy, accompanying him into the city to aid in transactions or sometimes going alone for more private business. Crixus and Spartacus try to comfort her, but ultimately the two come into disagreement over the incident, with Crixus blaming Spartacus for the injuries. As Spartacus flees from Melia Ridge Crassus pushes his legions in pursuit. Jul 27, 2016 - Lesley-Ann Brandt To Leave Starz's 'Spartacus', Role Of Naevia Will Be Recast. She is forced to watch as Tiberius beheads Crixus. She lets Tiberius live, but tells him she will have his life someday, only for Kore to kill him before he is released. But when he finishes her off, the wound has somehow moved over to the left side. His skill even allows him to briefly hold his own in fight against Gannicus. He would later become involved in an unknown plot with Lucretia and began to secretly track down his former brothers-turned-rebels. As Lucretia's handmaid, Naevia answers mainly to her, often fetching wine and doing other chores for her. How to fight! (, Roman Guard - During assault on Roman villas. Ashur learns he is to face Dagan next and tries to ask Dagan to go easy on him so he can avoid going to the mines. Ashur barely tries and easily overpowers Naevia, despite her training by Crixus. After a nightmare of sexual abuse and hard labor in the mines, Naevia is finally rescued by Crixus. Crixus tells Naevia he will teach her how. Write the first section of your article here. The plan appears to be falling apart, however, as Oenomaus refuses to speak out against Spartacus and his men. He bears a scar on his forehead and larger burn scar from his left shoulder to his bicep. Enraged he begins cursing out at the mercenaries for betraying him. Oddly, when she exchanges blows with Caesar, his sword slices the right side of her neck. patronage, Licinia's hand. Still enraged by Ashur's betrayal, Dagan battles with deadly purpose, but allows Ashur a moment of rest. Ashur can fight well though he is quick to use dirty tricks. Spartacus informs the Rebels, including Naevia and Crixus, that now they will have an army and take on the full force of Rome. When did any of you greet me short of mockery, and scorn!? Despite this he is the least liked and least trusted. One being that of the Roman Gens Naevia. During the city's evacuation she talks to Gannicus to offer her apologies saying "Your friend the blacksmith, though he forced my hand, I know now, he did not deserve such a fate." This includes: During conversation with Lucretia, Ashur revealed to having never known his father. Gannicus overwhelms Crixus despite aid from other Rebels, resulting in Naevia grabbing a stone and smashing it on the back of Gannicus' head, knocking him out. When Spartacus realizes that his band of Rebels, which now number in the thousands, will need better provisions for the winter, he creates a plan to take a nearby city. Naevia furiously battles Crassus’ legions. Spartacus then orders the surviving romans to be put in his villa or deal with consequences from him. Naevia says that she was born in the ludus and is one of Lucretia's personal slaves, with Diona, whom she shares a close friendship. Crixus laments that Ashur is neither a man nor a gladiator and Ashur retorts by telling Crixus that everything he is and everything he now has is because of Crixus. The slain Romans are revealed to be a messenger unit, carrying word that Marcus Crassus is assembling an army of 10,000 to face them. He remarks that her sword doesn't belong to her, as he rips it from her grasp, and plunges it into the back of her neck, killing her. Agron tells Crixus that she is dead, to prevent them from going on such a risky and suicidal mission. He demonstrates a strong loyalty to Batiatus, seen in particular when he manipulates Solonius and helps frame him for Magistrate Calavius' murder, ignoring all Solonius's promises of wealth should Ashur betray Batiatus. Before he is to be slain Ashur confesses to Oenomaus all his crimes, leaving Oenomaus horrified, and that his motives came from the ridicule and mockery of him from the other gladiators. He is a now willing collaborator with the Romans to put down the slave rebellion and is Lucretia's co-conspirator. Rome. The fire balls signal the others to climb down the mountain lead by Oenomaus, and soon Glaber and his remaining men are being over run. Ashur often refers to himself in the third person. With it, Naevia can access the ludus from the villa at night and she and Crixus make love by the stairwell. Glaber and Salvius find that many of Glaber's soldiers are fearful of Spartacus and have fled. She is knocked over by Caesar. They string together a story to show that Ashur had hoped Seppia to have killed Glaber. He later takes jewels and gold from Seppius' house, including the snake-shaped bracelet that the deceased wore. Originally content with trying to undermine Crixus' status as champion, he later takes a more active role after discovering Crixus' affair with Naevia. Naevia and Crixus share their last moment looking into each other eyes. 3. Archaeological excavations show that a city of some sort existed at the site as early as the 3rd millennium BCE. When Batiatus is killed, Ashur seeks out Praetor Glaber as a new patron to further his own desires. by goldtitaniumman Fandoms: Spartacus Series (TV), Spar - Fandom Teen And Up Audiences; No Archive Warnings Apply; F/M, M/M; Complete Work; 07 May 2020. Yeah. That said, I have a hard time finding it satisfying for one reason: Ashur is one of my favorite characters on the whole show, Naevia is the one character I truly hated. To cleave a man's head from his shoulders in a single blow." This leads to Gannicus engaging Caesar in battle once more. Ashur has said he has been considered the lowest ranked of the gladiators. Her death is witnessed by Gannicus, who had just seen the death of Saxa also, which angers him even more. When Publius Varinius and his army attack the temple, Naevia shows off her skill with the bow by killing several soldiers with ease which serves as the first major victory over the romans. He escorts Solonius to Calavius but the guards are well in pursuit. Ashur uses deception and roundabout methods in order to achieve his goals.

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