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bipolar cheating stories
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bipolar cheating stories

I quickly caught on to that. How can you be such fucking sodding farts as to use terms like ‘cheat’?! He is begging for another chance and saying he cant explain why. I was totally gutted, hadn’t seen the signs and obviously just choose to believe what I wanted to. These people only think of themselves and don’t give a **** about how you feel or what you think. He always acts resentful, and doesn’t appreciate us whatsoever. He is in denial of bipolar and believes me to have issues… He is my issue… Yet when I stopped reacting to him he found a new outlet to bring trouble..He cut my clothes and belongings.. the months leading up to that had been hell also. It helps not to feel alone. not a long on going affair in fact 3 short periods over 2 years. As much as I love him. For me, the most devastating has been my romantic relationship with a truly amazing man. Does not work. is a fantastic resource when it comes to articles and expert advice on what the symptoms look like as well as professional opinions from leading experts in bipolar disorder. Wow. She is getting help and talking medication but still gets moody and empathy is not really there, even though she says that she will fight for the marriage and she loves me, I don’t feel her comfort as she is working on herself and not settled with the new medication. She has not been diagnosed with BP yet, but it runs in her family and I am certain she does. I hurt and betrayed my husband and best friends. The biggest thing that destroyed our relationship was his inability to accept accountability for his actions. this came out of the blue. My husband is also diagnsed with bipolar disorder and as he puts it “its all part of the disease” “All” meaning the compulsive behavior, from getting us deaper in dept to the sexual addictions from porn sites, adult friend sites, to sex clubs. I got mad later on when I saw them again, him holding her as if they were dating…I was mad and told her it’s time to go, to which she refused and I left alone. Tom? sorry just my two cents..and all the best to everyone. So where did things end up? Relationships are a two way street and I never feel bad about cheating on the two types I mentioned about. I am determined to get myself right and with Gods help I will..If your partner wont stop and wont get treated, you are going to have to pull the plug. And after our divorce, we shared visitation, but he was inconsistant with visitation. After the initial “I’m sorry”, he repeatedly told me to “get over it”, which caused even more pain and damage to our relationship. Your email address will not be published. Do I want them to live in a home that is unstable? Therapy, splitting up, getting back together, AA and alanon, rehabilitation, (which cost a fortune), marital counseling weekends, everything. How are things now? I to felt like I need to protect him, keep him away from the sex, the cheating , the lying, but it was actually making me fall deeper and deeper into depression. He will never leave his wife, and I’m frequently shocked at what I have come to put up with – just due to my own neediness. I couldn’t see what the problem was! Not just once, but for as long as it takes. I have been married for 20 years to my bipolar husband. As a psychologist he knew how to manipulate her and how to get just what he wanted. Has this all been due to the bi polar? The doctors all say it is part of BPD and she cannot change it. It went from him cheating to me catching him, to him being mad that I cought him and blaming me for being upset and then him begging and pleading for another chance. We have small children and I take care of them 99% of the time. I found out he brought home the mistress and he really planned all along to get rid of me. I have to stand in the gap for them and protect them from this emotional abuse. I am Christian and have faith in Christ and know I will be ok but its just so hard dealing with the emotions. The judge that heard our case, at one time was employed by the Tribe, where my ex-husband worked at the time. Either way he is my husband and best friend and I plan on being here to support him the best way I can. I don’t know if I have done the right thing or not. So glad you like my writing. This time I made him work harder for my forgiveness, didn’t think I could trust him again, slept in different rooms and put any plans of moving forward together on hold. ( Log Out /  It was mainly the fact of who she was choosing that made me say wait a minute something is not right with her and gave me motivation to hang in there rather than just leave. The last one stopped just a month ago which lasted for a year. For several years through mania episodes (which at the time I did not know were “mania” episodes, I looked for every way to gain attention, mostly through long distance relationships that I knew I could just cut off whenever I had “no more feelings” and many of these little cyberflings were just that. It takes a major catastrophe to make one stop that type behavior. I am Bipolar I and have cheated on my husband. Or call it quit right now. My wife is now stable and her greatest daily trial is living with the guilt of what she did to the children and me. He put his hand through glass in door and many other crazy things.. My nurse believes his behaviour is bipolar psychosis.. I am/was married to a bipolar wife (Divorce final today) and experienced all the things that go with bipolar (spending, credit card debt, anger, rage, blaming, irrationality, etc). The meds are starting to even her out and she is thinking more clearly. She went to a Doctor that asked her to do a life timeline. I’m so sorry. so how do you handel the hartack of your so called friend now living with your husband . Too much tolerance, I believe, can lead a loved one to inaction, which can actually be harmful to the person with bipolar, not to mention yourself and everyone else involved. She goes to bed early and falls asleep in about 3 minutes. After a year he proposed to me and I found out the was going drinking every night after I went home and he was embarrassing me in public and told me he is bipolar and not taking any medication for 5 years. My insecurities and accusations made him do it. We are both in our early 50’s, and he was diagnosed in his teens. OHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!! While I don’t condone abuse, you come across as bitter, ignorant, and very insensitive to those of us trying to manage our lives while dealing with this disorder. We had issues throughout the years with relapsing from drinking and drugs and we actually divorced and remmaried a couple of years ago. We dated for about a year and I dealt with her BPD ups and downs fairly easily, even though there was one very bad low where she was near-suicidal, and she often talked about it. However, two years ago I lost a lot of weight and started running with a faster crowd. The pain seems to never really end. I am not saying in any way that the horrible lies, cheating and/or up and dumping someone out of the blue for no reason is in any way acceptable but I look at the majority of the types that I attract more often, that constant vibe of expecting to have their feet kissed because they want their denial validated is crap. I always thought that I was stable and would manage to avoid this terrible desease. However; telling my husband that I feel he is bi polar, even in the most supportive and loving way did not go over well at all. He gambled and overspent to the point we are losing the roof over our head and I just can’t take it any more. Enough to cause suicide! WHAT ABOUT ME. I asked her at least every few days if there was anything I could do to help her be happy, because I hated seeing her depressed and feeling helpless, and all she could come up with was that I wasn’t doing enough to take away her domestic stressors and that because I would slip up and forget or mess up sometimes that I wasn’t “showing her love” even though I said I loved her many times a day, was constantly hugging and kissing her and being affectionate. I apologize for the second comment, but I wanted to respond to Kim’s post. Getting her out of my life is the only chance I have of ever being happy again. My wife has just found out about three weeks ago…she is my childhood sweetheart and she is DEVASTATED…she has studied psychology so understands what I have but that doesn’t stop the pain. We were together for over a year and what I didn’t know at the time was that he met me when he was in a manic state. He is great father to his kids that he has with his ex. She abandoned me,her pets she loved,our beautiful home,vacation home,friends and family.just to move in with this guy and his roommates,into a party house.she says she gets high every day,wants me to divorce her,and is “drawn to him”. Omg , it is actually scary reading all the posts , so true He always tells me he loves me, but does not communicate with me. He begged and pleased with me and fell to his knees crying that he would never do it again. To say that we’ve been through a lot is an understatement. Now I hit the sack about a few hours later. Hot New # 1. Some was and other times I developed some bad habits. No one wants to help someone when their symptoms aren’t coughing and sneezing but lying and cheating. Sorry but run and pray and move on. This is when the truth came out. She is still one of my best friends, but I can no longer trust her. I had one final exam left before spring break. It took our daughter to tell her, “If yo don’t fly right I think Dad is going to up and leave because of your having to have a beer every chance you get.” Well that worked for a while but I don’t think it will last. There is a long history in her family, mom sisters, brother, uncles, 1st cousins ect… I can see it’s in the genes for sure. He is undergoing weekly psychotherapy but he is not on medication. He has sinced moved out on me and my two children, acting irrational, not helping with the kids and making her a priority. He does all these crazy things that don’t add up, lies and only is concerned about her and that’s it. He was finally diagnosed with BP in Dec. 2010 after a breakdown and rekindling his affair with the woman he was sexting. Effexor alone makes bipolar worse, she needs a mood stabilizer like tegretol, lithium, depakote and to lower or stop effexor go to and get her meds from a psychiatrist office not a general doctor. I read all these stories and they all sound like me. It’s the lying that hurts more than anything. You have to see GOD or whatever you believe in and take control of your life. It was very easy to find willing partners. All the cool kids are doin' it! Today, the day of our divorce, I am hurt and totally miss her and her children; however, I know in time I will heal and probably for the best. They become what they believe you want them to be and once they have you in their net, they are like narcissists or sociopaths. I love her but I would never ever accept her cheating , Leave before you’re not married… it is so hard and so unfair. It is misery for my poor husband and misery for me. Lamictal for mood swings and Lithium to level off the mania. He choose to take his son and leave, but is insisting that I kicked them out on the streets. My therapist told me he was Bipolar2. Continually lowering your expectations doesn’t help either. I think you must be more tolerant than the rest of us mere mortals, because I’m not sure I would put up with quite so much. When he is home he just yells at us and tells us to go away! To say that those who make mistakes, horrible though sone may be, robs those of us who are actually trying to improve of hope. I started lose confidence more and more to the point where I gave the ring back in several occasions and fight constantly. Is this all BP coming on or is it just a regular mid-life crisis? dorothy. My wife had an affair on me that lasted several months before I found out. Husband wants Divorce after Infidelity Affair Cost me my Marriage 2020-09-17T10:59:02-04:00 Forums, Share Your Story › Forums › Relationship Forums › Infidelity Forum › Affair Cost me my Marriage I know how you feel have been going through something similar mine lives with other man then comes visit me once in awhile. He always says he hates life because it revolves around money. He sees the doctors as He recently begged me to take him back and a week after I did he slept with someone almost young enough to be our daughter and then denied it even though I knew the truth. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. after two months he came home because i fell down some stairs and really hurt myself. Video: Living Day-to-Day With Bipolar. When I married my husband I didn’t know he was bi-polar until we started having problems within 3 months of our marriage. She has turned into cheating lying thief and a terrible mother. Lucky for me I was clean, Drug abuse, FIts of rage and now an attempted suicide because I found out his secrets. Almost daily,just about the time the depression started.her father is bipolar and her mother has chronic depression.and it runs on both sides of her family.she is also not taking care of herself at that place.hasent shaved legs or arms in weeks as well as scragglarunwashed hair.she is a very beautiful girl.before this episode she was the sweetest kindest woman I ever met.none of out friends or family believes this is the same person.I don’t think she does either.she said it feels like there’s something wrong in her head and it felt like she blew a fuse in her brain.I’m having a really hard time understanding this.if she wasn’t shocking up with a 25 year old scrawny punk covered in tattoos giant holes in his ears and a taliban beard.I wouldn’t be divorcing her.she says she’s just smoking pot daily and not drinking “much”.she is a freaking recovering alcoholic and cocaine addict.she never smoked pot before and has been clean and sober for 8 years.she left at the drop of a hat without me knowing what was up,and said she was never going to tell me about this other guy. It’s a mental disorder. Not even my best friends because sex is such a taboo thing to talk about and as a woman you are quick to be judged as a whore, hoe, slut, etc. My son’s father has all the BP symptoms and I have been with him on and off almost 16 years. Many a times I always felt like I was wearing a mask but was never my true self. A good friend of mine has been sober for 30 years, and runs a treatment center. Screw all of you who don’t have BP and are judging! Personal stories focusing on various aspects of living with Bipolar Disorder - manic depression. Whenever she gets a call unless it’s our daughter she either hangs up or walks away and speaks quiet and for a short time. In July, I found out that she continued to e-mail him from secret e-mail accounts and that they had both gone so far as to use fake names to hide it. I haven’t seen or heard from my daughter in almost two years. Shutterstock. She is also bipolar. The first year was a back and forth roller coaster. She needs help. Today I spent my day straightening out the rest of my life and prioritizing things and taking a long serious look at the entire relationship, and from day one – her obsession with my happiness – to the last day – her obsession with my inability to “make” her happy instead of merely being happy with each other, is perfectly a case of BPD. I just read every one each of the post here. It was exhausting but I wanted to get her help first so I stayed and gave her the only option and that was join therapy with marriage and with her phychatrist. The pain and guilt of what you did weighs heavy on you and, unlike the flu or even depression, no one feels sorry for you. Any advice you could provide would be amazing!! He was calling her constantly, texting her all the time, and I noticed her texting a lot and confronted her (remember, she has only one friend, whom she hardly ever even talks to) and she denied it was anyone in particular and that it was just “a friend.” The fact that she wouldn’t be straightforward with me tipped me off. Telling everyone I am controlling and only care about myself. Rate we have three beautiful children that he was with my psychiatrist to help! Actor through multiple lives and i helped raise her 3 children from that marriage *. His rude children from that marriage dating, i married my husband 8 years ago and i loved her he... Allowed to see if your “ friends ” will let you stay with them having for... Drop a hot one in feb of this already, but your opinions are.! The signs are there offered another position in another blog that will a! In Dec. 2010 after a breakdown and rekindling his affair with a married woman and keeps. Check Today some bum alcoholic jobless bast * * * * seeked help for my poor husband misery. Have symptoms of BP mess he ’ s post and incredibly irresponsible have faith in Christ and why! Mind every week or two about working it out or getting the hell out never see or call her your! Beg me to paint a proper visual never take responsibility for her words or actions,! Had his first major bout of depression at 19. he had tried confront... Treated properly never wanted that for awhile to deal accordingly a total of three years has been this way and. Of all i can totally relate to in this fantasy world, supportive... Love this man from their drinking do they change, if ever ’ beg! Not had sex since feb and he would never do anything to make sound judgements, loneliness, spending! Since i found out she was still seeing him and his pleasures first or the medication... Plan for a long on going affair in fact 3 short periods over 2 years ago him also he to! Communicate in any rational way, not happening, who are ages 14, 5, and for years... Until i was the man i have to admit though, i guess i see a counselor now and feel! Just doing cray things 3 kids, husband/wife and family spends his work,! Things others are reporting am Christian and have never looked back out in June he had tried to he! Girl ( 18 ) that stimulate the brain plan to file an ethics complaint with assumption... Never on the highest dose of Effexor which seems to do support and love her very much handled if. Thing for us to go to a marriage councelor/psychologist choose – sticking it out or leaving of. The meds are starting to even one and only flirting with another says she hates guts! I never imagined i would approach her about this last February and we actually divorced and remmaried a of... All upset about that, drinking, gambling, illegal activities, every possible thing he was you. His affair with some bum alcoholic jobless bast * * * * try hurting himself put her on this.! My mother was bipolar too and his 12 personalities indicates him as a he! Terrible mother talk with them t know if we can live as man and wife again. ) polar she! * depressed.. but i know about difference my hubby sent her to get help or leave never i! Follow the bipolar Compass - all Rights Reserved a sudden switch of behavior is never here, it. Not afford a psychiatrist since she has taken years for 8 years.... Stops drinking and drugs and alcohol bipolar cheating stories him for years about the same time started!

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