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digital image classification slideshare
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digital image classification slideshare

Image classification is perhaps the most important part of digital image analysis. Digital Image Processing system. 7. It is very nice to have a "pretty picture" or an image, showing a magnitude of colors illustrating various features of the underlying terrain, but it is quite useless unless to know what the colors mean. image form, but output is some none image representation of the image content, such as description, interpretation, classification, etc. Image classification is a technique to categorize an image in to given classes on the basis of hidden characteristics or features extracted using image processing. The Basis of Image Classification • Classification – Assigning each image pixel to a category based on (spectral) statistical pattern recognition techniques – i.e., pixels within the same cover type have similar magnitude DN's • Goal of image classification – To produce a … This classified data may be used to produce thematic maps of the land cover present in an image. After classification of satellite image post processing performed to improve quality of classification, such as recoding, reclass, sieve and filtering etc. Title: Image Classification 1 Image Classification. INTRODUCTION Image Classification The overall objective of classification is to categorize all pixels in a digital image into one of several land cover classes Themes thematic maps: A map designed to demonstrate particular features or concepts. Digital Image Classification? In the last accuracy assessed for classified satellite image using accuracy assessment tool, this process performed to assess the quality of satellite image to accept the classified images. All the channels including ch3 and ch3t are used in this project. The image is classified to six classes including water, vegetation, thin partial clouds over … Concept of Image Classification Image classification is a process of mapping numbers to symbols f(x): x D;x ∈ Rn, D= {c 1, c 2, …, c L} Number of bands = n; Number of classes = L f(.) Fundamental Steps in Digital Image Processing Information Extraction from Pixels. Examples of Classification Results 8. Classification between objects is a complex task and therefore image classification has … Digital image processing focuses on two major tasks –Improvement of pictorial information for human interpretation –Processing of image data for storage, transmission and representation for autonomous machine perception Some argument about where image processing ends and fields such as image We have already seen in the introductory tutorials that in digital image processing, we will develop a system that whose input would be an image and output would be an image too. Image classification is perhaps the most important part of digital image analysis. Classification) to classify a 512 pixels by 512 lines NOAA-14 AVHRR Local Area Coverage (LAC) image. is a function assigning a pixel vector x to a single class in the set of classes D 3 GNR401 Dr. A. Bhattacharya 6 Principals and Elements of Visual Image Interpretation Fundamentals of Photographic Interpretation Photo Interpretation: The examination of aerial photographs/images for the purpose of identifying objects and judging their And the system would perform some processing on the input image and gives its output as an processed image. Chapter 12; 2 Intro. decision rules for determining the land cover identity of each pixel in an image. What is Digital Image Processing? • Pre-processing stage of computer vision of an artificial intelligent system (robots, autonomous vehicles, etc.). It is shown below. The intent of classification process is to categorize all pixels in a digital image into one of several land cover classes or themes.

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