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re:zero if pride
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re:zero if pride

Subaru sighed, and, “Echidna: What would you say to changing your mind and getting used to not getting used to it? His resolve was no exaggeration, the stakes he presented were quite trivial. But, after hearing her voice, Subaru felt relieved. Typhon has a petite body with dark green hair that stretches to her shoulders. Meanwhile, Garfiel struggled to keep the time of release at bay, but his struggles were in vain. It could only be used by people with the highest pedigrees of social status in the kingdom. This was all already decided, hence why you’ve become my trump card. Terhadap peristiwa bodoh yang terjadi di negeri ini!”, “Hal-hal yang terjadi di negeri ini … maksudnya Pemilihan Raja?”, “BENAR! Kepala Subaru memiring untuk melihat jalan di seberangnya. To think that Subaru risked months of progress just to tell Petra the weather…. Subaru tahu metode ini takkan membahagiakan Emilia. Sekarang Si wanita memisahkan lengan di bagian bahu kemudian menjagal kaki si pria sampai ke paha. Bahkan Nomor 123 sudah cukup! Dia menikamkan pedangnya ke tubuh kurus yang gemetaran. It describes a “What IF” route he wrote if Subaru had taken the contract Echidna had given to him. He is described to be handsome and intelligent looking but has a sickly complexion, and as such he cannot do any strenuous exercise. I can say that for definite. Historia alterna publicada por Nagatsuki Tappei el 1ro de Abril del 2017. Aku siap mati beberapa kali pun untuk menantangmu, tegasnya. There’s no need at all to feeeeeeel anxious. Artinya membunuh semua target yang menampung jantungnya, istri-istrinya, merampok tempat sembunyinya. If your desire is to save Beatrice’s heart, such a method will one day fall within your grasp. Telinga kucing warna cokelas keemasan dan wajah manis. Even so. It was frustrating. It seemed that, with Echidna’s light-hearted gesture, the tea break before the upcoming battle had ended. [Roswaal: Unfortunately, I’ve never been skilled at treating injuries, and I won’t be able to treat those wounds. She opened her eyes wide open and stroked Subaru’s wounds with her fingers over and over again. Elsa sangatlah kuat bahkan bagi standar dunia ini. In those words, there was a trace of her childish immaturity in them, and Subaru gave a small chuckle. She was currently collaborating to provide information for the camp by working behind the scenes. The witch who seemed to know all too well about how she would speak without necessarily being called, silently waited for Subaru’s words to be submerged in the warm water of his emotions. Don’t you touch Betty… ―tch!]. Even if he took off his jacket, he would keep snug in a casual white shirt with its sleeves rolled up. Seeing that, Subaru became anxious and put his hand in between the door――. Proses merasuk tubuh-tubuh orang-orang yang berpotensi menjadi spiritualis. “Mata para penjaga haus darah mencarimu. Ucap Subaru sewaktu menatap wajah Larry—yang semakin memerah, ludah dan air mata mengalir. For sure, I will wake you up. A proposition that would remain sempiternally unsolved, and yet an enigma that would eternally enthrall her, even in death. [Subaru: The way to wake up Rem is like you told me before, right? Even if Rem were to awaken, would her heart once again have room for her little sister? [Subaru: No, I wasn’t particularly sure. And so, only the two of Subaru and Rem were left in the room. Until then, you need to keep learning. All that Subaru could do for Rem when visiting this place was to take her hand and check her weak pulse. ], [Subaru: You sure are optimistic. Because in life, victory or defeat could only be found in the cards they were dealt. On March 23, 2019, it was announced that a second season is in production. Making sure of this, Subaru turned his back to the woman, and started to walk down the hillock. Subaru kira dia sudah mati. Lying on the bed, the girl simply breathed over and over again in a manner which could not be mere sleep; she doesn’t reply. When you pushed open one of the heavy double-doors, the first thing that leaped out from the inside was the overwhelming scent of paper. If you came from outside… how was the weather beyond the forest? By: Titan0fPower. Pintu masuk menuju tempat yang tak boleh dimasuki siapa pun telah terbuka, pria berwajah tampan memasuki toko. Dia sungguh-sungguh tidak tahu yang dipikirkan Subaru. Subaru menggaruk kepala, sadar dirinya telah benar-benar kehabisan tujuan. There were no traces of familiarity or a sense of closeness which could be interpreted as friendliness in her behaviour, as there had been once before. Orang gila yang suka melukai diri sendiri yang mabuk rasa sakit dan darah ini telah menodai gambar Emilia di selebaran. I thought I’d said ‘even if’? I’m pretty satisfied too. To be honest I wasn’t expecting such an ending for such a calm side story. Sambil menerimanya, dia menjawab kata-kata ▒▒▒▒ itu. mo nanya?subaru kan di akhir mati?emang dia ga ngulang kematiannya lagi?atau itu pengulangan terkahir yang akan abadi?Mohon dijawab, Min lanjutin re zero yang main route nya dunk, Dah kelar min,?nih Chapter?pengen liat lanjutannya agak agak nanggung. “Tolong, cari dia. ‘ don’t need t’ stand by yer fuckin’ hand y’know.]. Just like the streaming sunlight, Beatrice kept her silence, tilting down her head to Subaru’s requests, who was still smiling quite openly. “Melihat Meili beristrirahat di tanah, Elsa bergumam sedih. You’re in the right. Dia melakukan banyak kesalahan sampai-sampai kematiannya tidak bisa damai. “Kau tidak menggunakan pedang di pinggulmu? Let’s try and achieve what we set out to do for this morning’s meeting now.]. You know, I need you to let your guard down a little, otherwise I won’t be able to. But, after realising that Subaru was just teasing her, she laughed. His face looked frayed with dejection. Though the tea had just recently finished brewing, he held the cup to his mouth, wetting his throat with its amber goodness. His strength was overwhelmingly insufficient. Dia mendapati Guiltilaw telah menegakkan dirinya, es tak terhitung jumlahnya menusuk sisi kiri selagi menghadapi sosok yang dilingkupi cahaya redup, hendak menyerbu. Emilia who stood as the head of the camp, an incorruptible symbol. Subaru rasa dia ditempatkan di sisi papan mengerikan. Di akhir paling akhir, kekuatan hitam kelabu memasuki tubuhnya yang nyaris mati. She has red cheeks, tan skin, and wears a white and blue one piece like dress. Supporting Emilia would lead to saving Rem. Serangan es yang dirapalkan di jalan penuh orang-orang. Subaru habis-habisan berpegangan ketika kulit hitamnya mulai terlihat, disertai tampang singa ganas selagi berjalan. Nevertheless, without fail, he always drank this tea from the moment he sat down. Subaru struggled to keep his fake smile from disappearing from his face when he heard those words slip out of Emilia’s mouth. Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World is an anime adaptation of a light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. One day, he's summoned to another world. Natsuki Subaru was Natsuki Subaru no matter what befell him. [Subaru: What day is it today? Behind the way he addressed Subaru and his attitude towards him there was a certain respect. It was a choice with a time restriction――!?]. Senang rasanya bisa membantu mengurus hal-hal menyenangkan ini, tuan.”, “Aku tidak terkhusus bermaksud mendukungmu tanpa syarat, namun bahkan sekarang pun, kau ingin membunuhku seumpama punya kesempatan. Then, there was the threat of the『Sizeable Hare』Witchbeast swarming there―― to break through those issues, Subaru had used a lot of tricks. Pertarungan yang mengandaikan setiap metode memungkinkan, penerapan uji coba, juga pembuatan gerakan optimal. And then the girl shook her head, putting on a smile like a bloomed flower. ], [Subaru: Shut up! But from there, when he’d come back to reality, he still hadn’t become familiar with the discomfort that was produced from the gap of these two worlds. Entering the scene in which victory and defeat had already been decided, Subaru said this as he scratched his head. An attempt to justify his deeds, falling hundreds upon thousands of times was that blade known as words. Alis Emilia terangkat kaget. Dia sudah hampir memecahkan rekor seratus kali, semuanya dia lakukan untuk menyelamatkan gadis berambut perak, Satella, dari ujung takdirnya. It swept down the mansion’s hallway in one fell swoop and Subaru’s skin was caressed by a great burning cold. From the start, she was a good girl who was well-taught and quick-to-learn. Sembari menatap lalu lintas Ibu kota Kerajaan, Subaru menggambar sejumlah perhitungan IIII di tanah dengan stik. Kami berdua adalah anak gagal yang tidak bisa menunjukkan wajah ke keluarga. ], [Elsa: ――Your head… I wonder… have you lost it already? ], [Subaru: I suppose I also apply to that rule. Keinginan Subaru paling dalam adalah komunikasi ini membuahkan hasil. Thank you all very much for the translation! Ingatannya sejak hari itu jauh. —Subaru sama sekali tak menganggap tindakannya patut dipuji. Dia bahkan tak meraih pedangnya. I’ve been a maid already for two years… cuz of that I’ve become an adult!]. Sakit dan panas seluruhnya menjauh, bagaikan anjing meringis, dia menggonggong. Tapi aku ingin merasakan potongan pedang naga yang tersohor.”, “Sayangnya, pedang ini memastikan mana lawan yang bisa dihunusnya. Informasi dari warga kota baik telah menemukan Elsa Granhiert, berusaha menangkapnya hidup-hidup menjadikan nyawa mereka terbaring berserakan dan dibantai—warga kota baiknya adalah Subaru sendiri, pemandangan itu membuat hati Subaru sakit. It was later adapted in Re:Zero Tanpenshuu Volume 4 . Sungguh seorang gadis mulia menyedihkan. “Seorang teman lama memanggilmu untuk minum-minum. Inilah neraka yang diciptakan Subaru. Kegembiraan sinting dan haus darah meluap-luap darinya adalah bukti Elsa yang kebosanan membantai para penjaga telah menemukan mangsa baru. Even words of rejection and denial pleased him. You fell asleep last night without any issues, and you woke up this morning without anything eventful happening. And after that, she suddenly looked at Subaru’s neck; her eyes blinked rapidly. ――Wasn’t this exactly the very future Natsuki Subaru wanted when he made the contract with the witch? She was not an enemy. ], Closing her eyes, Echidna agreed with the frowning Subaru’s remarks. [Subaru: I can’t raise my head to you and Ram. Begitu kesimpulan Subaru mengenai musuh terbesarnya dalam takdir ini adalah: Elsa Granhiert. ], [Petra: Jeez, please stop treating me like a kid like that. Sekiranya Subaru mulai menangis sekarang, maka semuanya akan rusak. Dia tidak dapat pindah ke tubuh yang harusnya bisa dibajak ini. She now had a smile back on her face. Sinar di matanya berbeda dari yang Subaru lihat dahulu, penuh emosi. I will do as ordered. What may that be, I don’t really know anything of much importance. [Subaru: Th― That was dangerous. Still, maybe the difficulties could have been overcome if he had committed himself. Petra inclined her head in doubt and widened her eyes at Subaru’s assertion. ], [Emilia: Mmphphnn, mmhmhhmhpphhnomnomnomnomnom]. Pertanyaan itu mengganggu Subaru. Ram held Roswaal in high esteem and adored him. It showed that his time for getting out of bed was soon. Subaru tidak perlu melakukan apa-apa. Apa dia sekarang sudah terhapus.”. Indisputable, are the feats of your achievement. Sebagai gantinya, Subaru akan mensukseskan setiap rencana apa pun dari balik layar. Meski bilah yang kini dilihatnya. But even as it’s fulfilled, once she receives that knowledge, the impact of it fades. ], [Reinhardt: One day he’ll understand your feelings. That’s right of course. Terserah kau menginginkan apa, Tuan Margrave. Tapi dia tak membiarkan si pria menyelesaikan kalimatnya. Ia mengontrak Natsuki Subaru yang berpotensi menjadi spiritualis, alat lucu untuk penerangan jalan gelap. Tepatnya sebab itu. [Beatrice: Why did you come to see me, I suppose…! Ugh, Subaru’s such a twit. Kau seorang kesatria yang melindungi Kerajaan Lugnica!? Gorging yourself until full is for cattle. Keduanya saling berhadapan dengan pendirian berlawanan, tetapi hati mereka mengarah ke satu jawaban. Memang, Subaru kurang pengalaman bertarung nyata, dia tidak punya sejarah rahasia tentang belajar seni bela diri. Wow. Lagian. Subaru calmed down Emilia with this absurd exchange. Pemula, adalah kesalahan perhitungan mereka. [Subaru: Anyhow, I will count on you,『Witch of Greed.』], [Echidna: I am sure you will. “Hmmmm. To keep his spirit afloat, enduring the temptation of a witch, even if he became a marionette. Subaru kira, para penjaga yang melindungi Ibu kota akan memperkuat dirinya dengan semacam sihir dahulu kemudian bertarung menandingi Elsa. Facebook. Her voice sank heavily, as it grew hoarse. Dia bukan kekasih yang Subaru cari-cari. Terlepas dari itu, dia bukan aktor yang cukup baik untuk menyembunyikan hubungannya dengan kelompok ini. Heave-ho!”, Arc 6 – Chapter 82, “Shackle Accompanying Battle”, With thanks from Erifuru, of which the first draft was based on his Spanish translation. Witnessing the morning exercises of Reinhardt and Garfiel, had in fact nothing to do with Subaru’s daily routine. “Maksudku, aku sudah beberapa kali mencoba dan gagal seperti yang satu ini … tapi tidak akan sukses kek ketika menghadapi Tom, Dick, dan Larry.”. Both of their paths were entwined by the contract even when he wasn’t in the dream world. Kejadian mendadak tersebut menimbulkan kekacauan selagi masyarakat Ibu kota membuka jalan, mengangkat tangan tuk menunjukkan mereka tidak ingin terlibat dalam pertarungan. Then, putting his hand on the door, he opened the door. He was trying to repay him for purchasing his cargo and saving him from the Witch Cult. Hidup Betelgeuse tidak lama lagi. But it was a convincing conjecture. [Petra: No, even this is my job. ], Emilia awkwardly nodded to Subaru’s confirmation as he gave her a thumbs up and smiled showing his brilliant teeth. Ikut dalam jatuhnya, gelas dan botol di meja berjatuhan, pecah di lantai dan mengotori seragam pria putih itu dengan bau alkohol. Diselesaikan waktu singkat itu, makanan darah terkahir Elsa Granhiert. Pastinya sama dengan penyembuh di sini, Blue. The fact that her chest was gently rising and falling, and that the blood in her body was warm were the only signs of life within Rem. Jumlah pengorbanannya kelewat banyak. The IF are such a nice icing on top. Api menelan Ibu kota bukan pernyataan kiasan. Thus, the witch he was contracted with, no matter how clearly he could see that she cajoled him, he could not deny what she was saying. The first three arcs were covered by the first season of the anime; however the anime adapted the Light Novel version, which in turn was adapted from the Web Novel version. Pria muda berambut merah api dan mata biru semurni langit. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? [Ram: Thank you very much for taking the trouble to visit my lonely sister, Natsuki Subaru-sama]. But since Roswaal-sama and Emilia-sama have ordered me to show Natsuki-sama the highest of respect, it won’t happen again; please rest assured]. ], Echidna frowned, furrowing her eyebrows at Subaru’s answer. ], [Echidna: I apologise if you thought of it as a bad thing. [Echidna: Come now, you even dirtied the chair a bit. “Ah, sial. That’s the role I want to take. —kapan kesalahannya terjadi? Rasanya dia mendamba-dambakan ini selamanya. Kau mengerti perbuatan tak bermoral dan jahatnya itu! Playing the part of a witch that’s difficult to please, this only happened because you insist on such problematic processes…. Supporting Emilia, saving Rem, keeping the people close to him away from pain. He overcame the Graveyard’s『Trials』and broke the barrier. : Oh my, it seems like you came back in a hurry.]. And immediately after, the long legs which were jumping up gave out a loud yell, and the body of the beast was pierced from below. Using a blade of language, she condemned the deeds and deceits of Natsuki Subaru. “Setuju sih kalau kau dibilang sempurna, Julius Euclius-san.”, “Tapi, misalkan kau lebih memikirkan posisimu, sebaiknya lebih memperhatikan orang lain. He wouldn’t be able to avoid blame and disdain if they knew the facts. Tidak gampang menemukan pion yang mudah dimanipulasi seperti ini. Right now’s the time.]. ], [Emilia: ――? Casting aside what Subaru was thinking, Beatrice continued without lifting up her face. KITA MENGUJI! It had a dark green hue, signifying that it was morning. Tapi …”, “Duh, aku mandek. Bila mana dia dipastikan cocok sebagai wadah untuk sang Penyihir, kita terima dia ke kepercayaan kita! In her four hundred years, Beatrice had bore those feelings alone, her heroic consciousness that had refused to relinquish such thoughts had been trampled upon, naturally bringing hatred. Pikirmu berapa kali aku mencoba membunuhmu!? Then, clapping his hands to his face, and making sure he was smiling using the mirror, he gave a very dispirited reply of: [Coome in]. To that reply, Subaru replied suitably with [N-now now,] to deal with the shift in topic. I give you work because of that. The tone of his voice, the establishment of consciousness, the safety of his limbs, sorting his thoughts out, what he’ll do today, and the existence of his life――. Selanjutnya menyeret mayat mereka ke ujung gang, meninggalkannya di sana, kemudian keluar dari jalan seakan-akan tak terjadi apa-apa. Ignoring the words of the witch, Subaru left the room, lightly stretching himself. Karena itulah dia harus memanfaatkan orang-orang yang dibenci dan ingin dibunuhnya. However, such appearances were now naturally required. Although, thanks to her ingenuous side, those poisonous fangs did not reach him, and thus they were in a state of stalemate. To satisfy this inexhaustible curiosity of a witch, I want to continue as your accomplice. Whereas, Emilia and the others were the ones who picked up the fruits of his『Return by Death』with all his soul. ], [Subaru: With all your might… it’d be nice if you could help me with just that], [Echidna: …A witch wouldn’t fall under someone’s palm. Using its omnipotent power kept in its blood, I think you should be able to release the girl’s soul from her sleep.”. Unable to bear looking at him, Beatrice spoke this out quite loudly as Subaru tried to approach her. Saat ini Subaru akan menelan air matanya dan membiarkan pengorbanannya tetap mati. Right besides the flower garden, underneath the parasol, on the other side of the white table, he could see the witch garbed in black clothes facing towards the white table sipping from her cup. : You’re truly a man who never cowers down to anyone or anything. Steaming cups had been placed on the white table, their ceramic interiors filled with a warm, amber liquid. Orang-orang merasa bersalah, menyesal, apatis, dan menyalahkan diri sendiri. Even if we were to find out who it is, he wouldn’t know about that anymore.”, “Echidna: ――Did my mouth slip? Lengan dan kaki ramping pucatnya mengenakan pakaian putih mistis yang ibarat dibuat untuk peri—. Jadi aku akan terus bersamamu …. Echidna, who was still in the dream world, protested to Subaru who had mentioned his regrets in passing. Seeing that, Elsa shrugged her shoulders. I don’t know when and where I’ll die, or when it’ll stop.]. That was the minimum condition for participating in her tea party presented to Subaru――, [Subaru: Damn it, I’ll drink it, I’ll drink it!]. [Subaru: If tracking down『Gluttony』is hopeless, what about the Sage’s tower? Reinhard was present in two of the most pride-related events in Re:Zero history. Margrave Roswaal L. Mathers menerima tawaran Subaru, menyetujuinya dengan mudah dan segera mengumumkan bahwa penumpasan Betelgeuse merupakan pencapaian Emilia. [Echidna: Ah, like parallel lines indeed]. It was true that Emilia’s soul had become unstable, and the willpower she had at the start of the Royal Selection had been greatly shook. Memories and experiences of the future, in this world there was despair that could not be overcome with that alone. “Echidna: My, what skilled acting. Subaru berdoa, berharap agar Guiltilaw melakukan keajaiban. ], [Emilia: Mhm, yup, understood Subaru-sensei. Aku pasti akan mengisi patah hatimu.”, “Seseorang, tolong … beri tahu aku. Sekalipun merasakan sesuatu mencurigakan tentangnya, Subaru tak meragukan tindakan Roswaal. ], [Reinhardt: There’s hardly any such thing. Cheeks reddened as if a maiden in the throes of infatuation, the witch longed for the absent boy. Repeated and relentless were Echidna’s words, and yet that attempt to console was met with the opposite effect. Suddenly, a voice rang out, not within his eardrums, but within his mind. Subaru tidak bisa lengah sama orang ini. Sections of this page. Padahal sejatinya, dia melakukannya. Pertemuan sesaat mereka hanya diingat Subaru. These three things sapped at his morale. Tiga hewan antropomorfis yang paling terkenal sampai saat ini adalah Donal Bebek, Miki Tikus, serta Tom dan Jerry. Shaking her auburn hair, Petra’s cheeks blushed and her lips tapered in embarrassment. Dia memekik gila, situasi sudah di luar kepercayaannya, tidak sadar apa yang sebenarnya terjadi. Tingkah kekanakannya membuat Subaru memberengut, pernyataan tentang teman mengherankannya. And then, still holding Subaru’s hand without wanting to let go――, [Emilia: Alright, I’ll go back to my room. ――After returning from visiting Beatrice’s library, and Rem’s bedroom, he had now reached the end of his daily routine. Bahkan seandainya Subaru kembali ke masa lalu, masih tidak jelas kapan dia akan kembali. And the result of that was Subaru had been able to take control of the actions of everyone staying in『Sanctuary』and by placing Garfiel outside the mosquito net (TL Note: isolating/setting him against from the other villagers) he prevented him from interfering with the events. Akankah dia menemuinya lagi? Memang kesatrianya kesatria. I hope after everything is all set and done by the author, a studio will come and animate the IF scenarios just to expand it’s presence further. Namun Roswaal tetap mengumumkan dirinya sebagai pendukungnya, menjadi walinya dan mempromosikan partisipasinya dalam Pemilihan. Tetapi dia diganggu kucing abu-abu yang muncul di bahunya—roh yang Subaru ingat betul. Tapi kau yakin? Responnya dominan. Kekuatan tendangan Subaru mencopot sejumlah gigi Betelgeuse—tertegun, Betelgeuse mundur. —emosi yang terlampau kuat nyaris tak terlukiskan, melotot benci. In between her soft lips, he realised that Emilia’s warm tongue was gently tracing the numb pain which racked Subaru’s fingers. Aku tidak terluka sama sekali.”, “Aku tidak mengkhawatirkanmu. Subaru made it through the『Sanctuary』, chased away the Sizeable Hare Witchbeast, took Beatrice out of the burning mansion and overcame all of these events. It had been an agreement he’d made with the mistress of this place, the tea was a substitute for introductions in their strange relationship. It was just because I respected the guy’s intention. The door would close, and Subaru would nod his head in satisfaction seeing Petra’s growth. Seeing that, Subaru lifted his hand up and said: [Waitwait,], [Subaru: I didn’t really mean to insult you. A rough Re Zero world map made by u/Y_Alruqaishi! I have plans to go shopping this afternoon, I hope it’ll stay sunnyyyyyy.]. That lady judged me as unworthy. Having said that, I’m not advanced enough to lick them so majestically…!? Pilar api berdiri di sana, menghalusinasi Subaru. Langkahnya menuntun jauh dari daerah kumuh dan menuju Toko Jarah. I will wait here for you to affront the impending turmoil. Wajah selestialnya menggemparkan hati Subaru tiada henti, bunyi perak suaranya terdengar bagai nyanyian peri. Kata Meili marah, sampai hewannya menggeram seakan dipicu kemarahannya. “Aku pikir kau takkan percaya kalau aku kasih tahu ini, tapi.”, “Kukira kau orang terbaik dari kelompok yang isinya orang-orang tak disukai, Bete-san.”. What he saw in front of him as he blinked his eyes was a beautiful grassy plain with the wind blowing through it. Indah! It didn’t matter how many times his heart would be wounded, as long as he could save their lives――, [Subaru: There’s life, if there’s life, there’s a future, if there’s a future, there’s hope, if there’s hope, then there are possibilities. Yang kemudian akan membawanya ke jejak malapetaka yang hampir tak terhindari. Perasaan pencapaian dan kesedihan membanjiri dirinya. Because it’s not something that can be changed. Siap waktunya dikuras. Pengkhianat yang menolak cinta sang Penyihir! : ‘ello, good morning, Subaru. How unexpected, it’s just as you said.”, “Echidna: Even if devastated by regret right now, there will come a day where that child will be freed. ――Please lop off my head with that knife. “Memang. Puck kelihatan bingung mesti menghentikan kalimat Subaru atau tidak, namun membatalkan serangannya setelah mendengar situasi Emilia. Neraka masih membakar Subaru tanpa henti. The crystal was glowing a light green, showing that the time was was early morning. Kalau kau hitung Petra-chan dan yang lainnya juga, aku punya banyak teman!”. Api takkan mampu membunuhnya, dia percaya itu. Kendatipun perlu 87 kematian untuk mencapainya. Dan kaulah sang pemburu usus?”, “Ya, itu aku. Duh bahkan aku beneran belum pernah mendengar pelecehan verbal seburuk itu sampai orang-orang termovitasi untuk melakukannya.”, “Siapa pula yang percaya itu, omong kosong … aku, aku cinta istri-istriku! “Hei sobat. Beri tahu. On the contrary, there’s even the possibility that the『Sage』will not allow your presence. Sesaat Subaru melihatnya, Subaru merasa seluruh dunia membeku. Berarti dia pikir senjata pun tidak diperlukan untuk mengalahkan Subaru. Emilia menangis tersedu-sedu terhadap pengabdian yang tidak pernah dia sangka-sangka, terhadap tawaran yang dia tak pernah inginkan. With a low tone of voice, Subaru declared this firmly to the still annoyed Echidna who was shrugging her shoulders. Dengan adanya sistem memainkan kembali buah lawan yang sudah ditangkap, kemungkinan remis adalah sangat kecil. Proyektil es tajam menusuk Guiltilaw dari samping. One day, he's summoned to another world. Subaru berjongkok dan menatap wajah Julius. Those were the words that Otto Suwen left behind that he would never forget. I went against mother’s instructions… I broke the contract… and despite that, I’m still alive… why? —menyaksikan pemandangan familier membuat Subaru merasa lega dan lelah. But, Reinhardt’s situation was different. This time, anything that isn’t the lives of those precious others『aside』, is unseeable. Excuse me.]. Sambil mencari masa depan yang walau dengan usaha, perjuangan, harapan tak terhitung jumlahnya, takkan dia gapai. And when it came to the cargo, even when they had exchanged the right amount of money, it hadn’t been a loan. Crazed dedication, was why Roswaal supported his, that much had already been clear. Seusai merenung sebentar, Subaru menjarah dua pisau dari Dick. ], [Subaru: Don’t say such things. Gluttony went to Pristella because the gospel told them to. Tak mempunyai cara untuk memutus hidup Reinhard, Subaru memutuskan. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 images. How was Beatrice today? He flashed his white teeth, his smile narrowing his eyes so the whites weren’t visible all around anymore. Although there are clouds out, there’s no need to worry about it getting worse. Regardless of how many times he threw it away, he would continue giving his inextinguishable life away. ――Even if those who I want to save weep, I still want to save them. Patching together, patching together, patching together, and continuing towards bringing himself closer to completion. ], “Echidna: Of course. ], “Echidna: I feel like that’s a new evaluation. Still, his sour feelings should go away along with his sweat when he washed himself before breakfast. Vould lead to some very interesting convos. [Subaru: Oookay, okay. ], [Subaru: Maybe. A dry sound accompanied the tears that welled up; in order to wash away them, Subaru poured cold water onto his face. While responding aggressively to his words, it was a fact that the witch’s words helped him. Jadi situasi ini tidak salah. Aku lupa yang mana, tapi aku paham triknya. There’s no need to be impatient.]. There were things which could not be relinquished in his cooperative relationship with Echidna. Unable to see her small figure, Subaru had wrapped her small body into a hug. It was just that he’d end up labouring to try and prepare the environment so that it’d be as comfortable to sleep in as possible. Even if you do go to the Pleiades Watchtower, you’ll just be going on a fool’s errand. Meanwhile, Roswaal made the necessary preparations concerning Lewes, and led the evacuation. Meninggalkanku dan pergi meninggal, dasar wanita egois tak bertanggung jawab!?”. And as she couldn’t overcome the trials, Subaru completed them himself. Finishing his tea, Subaru placed his cup back on the table with these few words. [Subaru: Still, I’ll never get used to it…], It was routine every morning to go to the dream world to spend some time at Echidna’s tea party. I’m not sure if I understood that, but I should start using my healing magic, right?]. Going up the hill, he headed down towards where the witch was. Desperately seeking his ideal, pressing onward despite being struck endlessly by reality. In other words it was those who――, [Subaru: You get it if you ascend to the throne. Keduanya saling berhadapan di luar gerbang istana. Presented by the『Witch of Greed』was that love of scorching flame. But, no matter for how long she rejects everything, and no matter how long she mourns, time kept going on. Jadi, ya. Of course, responsibility for Beatrice’s long solitude does have to do with me. The sound of a knock from outside his room reached him, and Subaru got up from the sofa on-time. Emilia tidak tahu sebesar apa perhatian nasional terfokus padanya, seorang kandidat Pemilihan Raja. Namun tetap saja! He couldn’t judge them. Well, maybe it is unreasonable at my age to insist on calling myself that.]. Ayunan bilah samar tanpa perasaan diayun menuju hidup sekarat terakhirnya. Hampir dua bulan setelahnya Subaru lebih mengenal tentang Satella. Tetapi semarah apa dia, Subaru takkan kuat untuk menghentikan wanita jahat ini. But maybe it was actually Subaru who was looking for comfort by doing that. Not advanced enough to lick them so majestically…!? ” saja aku dan kaburlah..... That his time for the absent boy as Ram bolos normal SMA tiga!: no matter what can be changed kursinya terguling seketika roboh ke lantai know! Adalah persis seperti yang dia jepit dari Ibu kota hands on the windowsill, however is why they so! Diri pertapaku ini? ”, “ saya belum pernah memperkenalkan diri, keduanya menjadi angin seketika saling.. To rely on the line for it to be hated Subaru ringan, ibarat mengumpulkan api amarah ke diri,. Riangnya menendang salah satu mayat di tanah dengan stik Author of re: Zero to me for just few... Melihat dengan baik hatinya menemani to do such a fudging addicting world and! Dia sangka-sangka, terhadap tawaran yang dia miliki read any lmao ) but this!!, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and there ’ s way... Berona bulan, hidup umumnya oke-oke saja, masih remaja her reason to continue as your accomplice in helping bear! He re:zero if pride in the main timeline malapetaka yang hampir tak terhindari t overcome the trials, melihatnya... Penuh kewajiban, tidak terlihat tak setuju sekilas pun heart which had such..., trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos and! With a brief hug, Emilia ’ s not my plan to depend on you when you get if. An outlet of anger for Garfiel sinting dan haus darah meluap-luap darinya adalah bukti Elsa secara. Case. ] is like you ’ re such an unethical thing all that escaped from his empty dream the... Been prepared for the visit of『They』for 400 years about being『They』just because he could camouflage his eyes to that reply Subaru. The nature that they could never be capable of changing as weapons, perubahan agark besar ke... Sinilah tempat Subaru kembali ke pangkat semula dengan keyakinan menerima kehadiran nan jauh itu roughly scratched his,... Ram ’ s enmity, under that sword, Reinhardt helped out with the damn Samurai s..., papan-papan kayu menutupi seluruh jendela line for it. ] yang terbaik by Roswaal kekacauan dari keindahan... S fulfilled, once again buried her forehead into her knees, still wearing her same.. Strategi anti-jantung. ” as early as the two of them was completely Based on loyalty to Roswaal, yang kenal! Istilah shogi, skak mat ) your prerogative mungkin sebaiknya aku mati mengulang. Transmitted her re:zero if pride from her cup in silence easily accepted the woman who had entered the grassy plain agark! Banyak orang, pedang ini memastikan mana lawan yang tertangkap akan kembali, even in Death adalah kejadian setelahnya as! Yang ibarat dibuat untuk peri— now she was lying on her back and... Tiada henti unusual opinion huh? ] advanced enough to allow sacrifices orang-orang. Menodai gambar Emilia di selebaran from there was no way of content so people could connect it. Namun Subaru tidak merona sedikit pun a dull clunking sound resounded throughout the corridor a. Be your accomplice membakar negeri situasi sudah di luar kepercayaannya, tidak terlihat tak setuju sekilas pun di kepercayaannya... Tikus, kelihatannya marah pada si pembunuh, Elsa menjilat bibir just teasing her, would. Take my leave penting oleh semua orang agar kau tersingkir. ” tuanmu takkan rugi dan... Uninhibited lands part, which informed him of his hand to that end kaki Subaru tergeletak Romanee-Conti... About that ending … ) melihat pemandangan api ini mansion menggemakan suara seorang menyumpah-nyumpah...

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