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what does it mean to imitate a sentence
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what does it mean to imitate a sentence

170. It is permissible to use a long tube, pointed to imitate a candle, in which is a small taper forced to the top by a spring (Cong. In the Philippine Islands several species of Longicorns of the genus Doliops mimic hard inedible weevils (Curculionidae) of the genus Pachyrhynchus. It is not possible to enumerate here even the principal styles of ishime, but mention may be made of the zara-maki (broad-cast), in which the surface is finely but irregularly pitted after the manner of the face of a stone; the nashi-ji (pear-ground), in which we have a surface like the rind of a pear; the hari-ishime (needle ishime), where the indentations are so minute that they seem to have been made with the point of a needle; the gama-ishime, which is intended to imitate the skin of a toad; the tsuya-ishime, produced with a chisel sharpened so that its traces have a lustrous appearance; the ore-liuchi (broken-tool), a peculiar kind obtained with a jagged tool; and the gozam, which resembles the plaited surface of a fine straw mat. Toddlers love to imitate -especially their parents and caregivers- so they will be especially interested in objects you use. This is an example loose sentence. An effective way to cultivate meaning within a sentence structure is to practice sentence imitating. A girl who naturally mimics her older sister. Foxes, too, and badger are dyed a brownish black, and white hairs inserted to imitate silver fox, but the white hairs are too coarse and the colour too dense to mislead any one who knows the real article. What does it mean when your 13 year old only imitates one parent and did not do this when she was younger. For example, Lone Star Candle Supply sells oils that imitate scents from Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret. Sentence with the word imitate. In recent years there has been quite a craze for the Polish or Check heavily weighted nymphs that imitate free-swimming caddis larvae. imitate opened it and he's standing there (imitating breathless Japanese accent) ' Tom Verlaine! To imitate the function of (another system), as by modifications to hardware or software that allow the imitating system to accept the same data, execute the same programs, and achieve the same results … 0 Answers/Comments. On the Gold Coast a leopard hunter who has killed his victim is carried round the town behind the body of the leopard; he may not speak, must besmear himself so as to look like a leopard and imitate its movements. As in the case of sentences suspended before the imposition, most criminal courts enjoy the inherent power to suspend sentences prior to their execution. While some dating games online imitate the format of the television show, others are quite different. 1. strive to equal or match, especially by imitating 2. imitate the function of (another system), as by modifying the hardware or the software 3. compete with successfully; approach or reach equality with Familiarity information: EMULATE used as a verb is uncommon. imitate many natural sounds such as birds and horse. Meaning of imitate. 2. Here is a smooth-reading sentence from the novel A Solitary Blue by Cynthia Voight. • IMITATE (verb) The verb IMITATE has 3 senses: 1. reproduce someone's behavior or looks. A most objectionable class of male dancers also exists, who imitate the dances of the Ghawazi, and dress in a kind of nondescript female attire. They imitate sounds, enjoy hearing their own voice, recognize parents, fear strangers, distinguish between animate and inanimate objects, and base distance on the size of an object. Search … The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Banisters carved to imitate fer forge were as fine as the additional classical cornices were grand. What Happens When You Appeal a Sentence in Your Case? To let your partner know you enjoyed it, you can imitate what he or she has just done. It’s also frequently placed at the start of a sentence, immediately preceding the brand new piece of information. NATO, he said, must imitate the Cold War when " untold billions of dollars " were spent. imitate what a Prophet did more than a thousand years ago? Weak enforcement of intellectual protection laws enabled domestic producers to reverse engineer and imitate foreign technologies with little fear of prosecution. imitating definition: 1. present participle of imitate 2. to behave in a similar way to someone or something else, or to…. A sentence like He tried to emulate her is repeating itself: He tried to try to be as good as she was. Ilyin tried to imitate Rostov in everything and adored him as a girl might have done. What does the word imitate mean? Kids wanting to imitate basketball's high flyer need a solid shoe that supports immature ankles and shins. They don't say the subject because it is obvious - the subject is YOU! As I see it, the grandchildren of those who would strap bombs on themselves today will not be rushing to imitate their elders. Like sentence combining, sentence imitation offers an alternative to traditional grammar instruction and a way of fostering stylistic dexterity. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Before you hit the stylist's chair, make sure you have a general idea about which Justin Bieber hair cut you want to imitate. Directions (Part One):From each pair of sentences below, select the sentence that is divided into meaningful chunks and copy it on your … A complete sentence has at least a subject and a main verb to state (declare) a complete thought. A conviction doesn't have to mean game over for your case. Examples of initiate in a Sentence. Definition of imitates in the dictionary. The retirement of the Russian Southern Force into its entrenchments emboldened the Japanese commanderin-chief to imitate Moltke's method to the full. imagine early hominids who, for good biological reasons, gained the ability to imitate each other and to develop simple language. . to strive to equal or excel; imitate; especially : to imitate by means of an emulator; to equal or approach equality with… See the full definition - [Voiceover] That's what a sentence is, it's what a sentence is, it's what the components of a sentence are. Michael Jackson:When you try to imitate Michael, it's all about the glove and the suit. Many of the swamp sort are dyed to imitate skunk and look well. to example sentences. It searches out the idea lying dormant in the symbol, in order to present the symbol to men in such form as to enable them to penetrate through it to the idea. A complete sentence has at least a subject and a main verb to state (declare) a complete thought. Of Sulpicius as an orator, Cicero says (Brutus, 55): "He was by far the most dignified of all the orators I have heard, and, so to speak, the most tragic; his voice was loud, but at the same time sweet and clear; his gestures were full of grace; his language was rapid and voluble, but not redundant or diffuse; he tried to imitate Crassus, but lacked his charm.". Updated 4 minutes 59 seconds ago|1/14/2021 4:37:41 PM. They may at some later date become active in some way, and so give rise to a cellular proliferation that may imitate the structure in which they grow, so giving rise to new growths. A sentence is a group of words that are put together to mean something. and then she started using .. after sentences? We shall be told not always to imitate him. Towards the close of the reign of Darius there was a fresh revolt in Egypt; it was quelled by Xerxes (485-465), who did not imitate the religious tolerance of his predecessors. The large works in pen and ink imitate the small marks of the tiny sketches, be they figurative images or abstract doodles. It is bad taste to imitate the tracery of the ductile wrought iron in cast designs, the foliations of ancient wrought-iron grilles and screens in heavy cast iron. All Rights Reserved. 1a. The boy would emulate his father's morning routine, from reading the newspaper to sipping coffee. But in actual usage, they are often used interchangeably. To this category belong Myrmarachne plataleoides, one of the Salticidae, and Amyciaea forticeps, one of the Thomisidae, which in India imitate and live with the vicious little red ant (Oecophylla smaragdina); also Myrmarachne providens, which mimics the red and black Indian ant (Sima rufonigra); and the South American species of Clubionidae, e.g. A sentence is the basic unit of language which expresses a complete thought.It does this by following the grammatical basic rules of syntax.For example:"Ali is walking". Imitate means to copy the actions, appearance, mannerisms, or speech of. They will imitate good eating habits they see practiced by their parents, but they can also be easily swayed by television commercials for junk food. Imitate simple actions that she has observed adults doing; for example, take a toy phone out of a purse and say hello as a parent does. On the 25th of July 1898 he addressed to the Scottish Catholic bishops a letter, in the course of which he said that "many of the Scottish people who do not agree with us in faith sincerely love the name of Christ and strive to ascertain His doctrine and to imitate His most holy example.". It asks us something or requests information (as opposed to a statement which tells us something or gives information). How to use emulate in a sentence. See more. In rhetoric and composition studies, sentence imitation is an exercise in which students study a sample sentence and then imitate its structures, supplying their own material. This means that, although a sentence is in place, the defendant doesn't have to serve it immediately, if at all. It is wrong and even reckless to blindly imitate the west in everything. 3. she was like 'chea..' im like u gonna be on later she said 'yea . A praiseworthy desire to maintain the picturesqueness of the town has led most of the builders of new houses to imitate the lofty peaked gables, oriel windows and red-tiled roofs of the older dwellings. The large employment of cast iron is comparatively modern, in England at least only dating from the i 6th century; it is not, however, incapable of artistic treatment if due regard be paid to the necessities of casting, and if no attempt is made to imitate the fine-drawn lightness to which wrought iron so readily lends itself. Seeking to imitate the shattered look of those pieces, women took to their sewing baskets and sewed random pieces of fabric together in haphazard ways, decorating all the sewing lines with intricate embroidery. Emulate definition is - to strive to equal or excel. Art does not imitate, but interpret. What does imitates mean? So we can say that a sentence must contain at least a subject and verb. Emulate means "to try to be as good or successful as.". How would it change your mental picture if we rewrote the sentence like this? It means that you have a job to do, and you'll get the meaning of it during the process in a period of time|to "see it through" means you'll complete the job. Definition of Imitate. Imitate definition is - to follow as a pattern, model, or example. What does imitate mean? For example, “TIL: Vatican City is the smallest country in the world.” The greater part of the tombs stand on either side of the galleries in square recesses (like the table-tombs of the Roman catacombs), and are rudely fashioned to imitate sarcophagi. It can be used with a colon or a dash. The initialize() method is used to initialize any controls, especially when it is something that can't be done from the FXML. Mimic sentence examples. , Some people find it funny when you imitate someone grumpy or silly in an attempt to make fun of them. initiate definition: 1. to cause something to begin: 2. to teach someone about an area of knowledge, or to allow…. Learn more. Bolivar had, no doubt, regained the personal confidence of the officers and soldiers of the third division; but the republican party, with Santander at their head, continued to regard with undisguised apprehension his ascendancy over the army, suspecting him of a desire to imitate the career of Napoleon. If this happens to you, it doesn’t mean that you are a “bad” writer or that you have a “bad” writing style or “bad” ideas. Imitate definition: If you imitate someone, you copy what they do or produce. When Mr Bowles saw it in autumn it was so full of flower that it looked like a graceful spout of white spray, and as though it was trying to imitate some of the wonderful effects of the sea-wash on stormy days. to mimic; impersonate: The students imitated the teacher behind her back. to make a copy of; reproduce closely. The threat of Chrtien Francois de Lamoignon, keeper of the seals, to imitate Maupeou, aroused public opinion and caused a fresh confederation of the parlements of the kingdom. He excited the admiration of the youth of Germany, and it was soon the fashion among the petty princes to imitate his methods of government. It probably does not stand for ‘to make a copy of’ . Young children will often attempt to imitate their parents, which is why you shouldn’t do anything you wouldn’t want your child to do while they’re watching. 113. Also known as modeling. We don't "try to emulate." In these exercises you will become aware of meaningful divisions within sentences, an awareness you’ll need to imitate model sentences. Nef'i, who, like Fuzuli, formed a style of his own, had many to imitate him, of whom Sabri Shakir, a contemporary, was the most successful. imitate the behavior of buttons in a Selection Box? Short example: She walks. Such a statesman was sure to clash with the doctrinaires, like Salmeron, who wanted to imitate French methods; with Pi y Margall, who wanted a federal republic after purely Spanish ideas of decentralization; and above all with the intransigent and gloomy fanatics who became the leaders of the cantonal insurrections at Cadiz, Seville, Valencia, Malaga and Cartagena in 1873. to imitate and copy; strive to equal or excel. And to try to imitate that is the biggest mistake in the world. : The style, when it is not terse and apophthegmatic, as of one trying to imitate Bacon, is stiff with conceits and long-winded sentences. Again, "most of the time" is a key part of this, since no child will always snap to attention when called or imitate you sticking your tongue out. Modeling Sample. It shows how nearly the pupil could imitate his master's dialogues, and still more how exactly he at first embraced his master's doctrines. Other causes of offence arose, and Napoleon in his last communication to them warned them not to imitate the Greeks of the later Empire, who engaged in subtle discussions when the ram was battering at their gates. 148. By six months, he should gurgle, laugh, babble repetitive sounds and attempt to imitate them, look for the source of sounds such as a parent's voice and begin to pay attention to music. In breaking in new recruits they should be set to imitate expert workmen in all the details possible. Poisoning has occurred with Datura, or moonflower, a plant that has become popular with young people trying to imitate Native American puberty rites. The verb Imitate means to copy someone's or something's behaviour, appearance, style, sound, etc. was she tryna say were having a boring convo? The temptation is strong to go and watch a great squad do their routines and then simply imitate what they do. They key is to follow -rather than work against- the toddler's natural inclinations to explore, expand and imitate. Get Answers from a Lawyer. His other five mathnawis formed the first attempt ever made to imitate Ni~mis famous Khamsah, or five romantic epopees, and this attempt turned out so well that henceforth almost all epic poets wrote quintuples of a similar description. Does Art Imitate Life? |Is $2000 and the amount of taxes and insurance is deducted in the same paycheck (though it didn't mention how much was deducted) |Yeah, @MissBluein82 is right. By nine months, infants can imitate gestures and actions, experiment with the physical properties of objects, understand simple words such as "no," and understand that an object still exists even when they cannot see it. Reworded: "$30 minus the discount of 15% is $25.50. Find more ways to say imitate, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. A replica handbag is a product that is manufactured to imitate the style and appearance of a renowned brand name. Examples of Emulate in a sentence. Chunking to Imitate Grammar. They were not painted to imitate plaster, instead they were sealed with a clear coat in order to prevent the tin from corroding. When someone gives a command (the imperative), they usually do not use a subject. It is in contemplating the abstract reality which concrete things obscurely exhibit, the type or ideal which they imperfectly imitate, that the true life of the mind in man must consist; and as man is most truly man in proportion as he is mind, the desire of one's own good, which Plato, following Socrates, held to be permanent and essential in every living thing, becomes in its highest form the philosophic yearning for knowledge. imago, perhaps from the same root as imitari, copy, imitate), in general, a copy, representation, exact counterpart of something else. Three verbs that mean similar things: charge, convict, and sentence.They appear in the news constantly, but do you know what each term actually describes? Then I would imitate the acts of cutting the slices and buttering them. “He goes out onto his baseball field, spins around second base, and looks back at the academy. . ' to copy or simulate the function of something else. It was, besides, singularly interesting from the expedients to which the Hindu architect was forced to resort to imitate the vaults of the Moslems. The genius of the modern pianoforte is to produce richness by depth and variety of tone; and players who cannot find scope for such genius in the real part-writing of the 18th century will not get any nearer to the 18th-century spirit by sacrificing the essentials of its art to an attempt to imitate its mechanical resources by a modern tour de force. " We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The idea that art may imitate life is at least as old as Aristotle's Poetics, the book that-in the West at least-is the most widely recommended text on how to write fiction. On the other hand, the dream could mean that you are not verbalising your thoughts and feelings enough (if at all) and need to. Have guests choose a particular character (either fictional or real) to imitate, and then invite them to perform a rendition of that character while everyone else tries to guess who they are imitating. Many stationary bikes feature programs designed to imitate hills and valleys. So thoroughly had he now mastered the management of glazes that he could combine yellow, green, white and claret color in regular patches to imitate tortoise-shell. If you want to be rich, emulate a wealthy entrepreneur. 158+6 sentence examples: 1. It is probably true to say that no one has ever set himself so seriously to imitate the life of Christ and to carry out so literally Christ's work in Christ's own way. The most perfect cases, however, are exhibited by those species which imitate ants. Add some flair to your fiesta by donning a multi-layered folk dress, shawl and sandals to imitate the famous 20th-century Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. I chose assimilate , because in my opinion imitate means ‘to copy someone or something’ . Find more ways to say imitate, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. This agent has been applied in various ways, in machines which either imitate the action of the collier by cutting with a pick or make a groove by rotating cutters attached to an endless chain or a revolving disk or wheel. Close your eyes and try to get a picture of someone scrambling and straining up a mountain. If you want to be rich, emulate a wealthy entrepreneur. • EMULATE (verb) The verb EMULATE has 3 senses:.

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