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rainbow trout age calculator
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rainbow trout age calculator

Rate of inbreeding and inbreeding effects on body weight and reproductive traits were studied in three lines of rainbow trout from a Californian selection experiment, in which Line Y was selected for body weight at 364 days of age, Line E was selected for egg size and Line C was a random mated control. Rainbow trout are native to the Pacific drainages of North America, ranging from Alaska to Mexico. Rainbow trout are able to spawn at age 3 and usually only spawn every 3-5 years. Please, fill in the form below to calculate the hatching date for your specific egg delivery. Whentaken risk of persistent oncogenic to the long acting. Type something in the input field to search the table for lakes or cities. VARIATION IN GROWTH RATE AND AGE AT FIRST MATURATION IN RAINBOW TROUT By GUNNAK NE~DAI., RITA LERBY and DAG MOLLER Institute of Marine Research, Directorate of Fisheries, Bcrgen, Norway ABSTRACT NEVDAL, G., LERBY, R. and MBLLER, D. 1981. Rainbow trout is considered endangered in some regions by the United States Federal Government because they are largely affected by stream damming, and sediment runoff. Values for PCV and Mesquite City lake is currently closed to fishing due to a blue-green algae bloom. Trout anglers will need a valid fishing license that includes a freshwater fishing endorsement. Rainbow trout average 11-18 inches in length, but can grow to more than 20 inches in quality populations. %���� Known rainbow trout redd locations in the Salmo River, 2002. �{�P|���U�m���y��'�|�|�6wY_�goҭ�y�f�s�B�~�v@�'�7%2��^�yU������_����Kx���›}�}���Y]�@wgR�@�zꐰ�����wl���?�1 kx��Co��t�B�ʚ���,��%�\�u��}�?de��_���k�F�y�\������F�?����y(��X!$"I�+��!I,mg�R�H�C�cb�Z$��+"qe�A�_fQ�Ƥ @#Rbp��ðq�W��恁P1����$��� ����m��O�#﷠���E�۳u�p~IWg��"NV`b���Zġt����*�����t��8�'V���� �G�(@�c7��!��ķ -� The largest recorded rainbow trout can measure 120 cm (47 in) long and weigh 24 kg (53 lb). Rainbow trout (Steelhead) Figure 2. +ӂ�Q�z����/���∫`�(B#4�� DjaGJ�;������6��p�W^xԅA� {_����0��%6C�H׋��>L0���=ج��q���|�r0G"|p��h}�gX�W笿��Dz���,zd1��� ��n��U�u�"�:�x'��Mp%�B[�d��n���k����F�>�s�cM�u�8W3����Šnx��? The genetic and phenotypic correlations between length and weight estimated from the total data were 1.02 and 0.93, respectively. Growth checks are formed when lines in the scale overlap. WEIGHT= 20 x (12 2) / 800 WEIGHT= 20 x 144 / 800 WEIGHT= 2880 / 800 WEIGHT = 3.6 pounds Species. Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, n = 18, weight 800 ± 50 g, length 43 ± 1 cm) in a water tank at around 10°C were purchased alive from a local market. The age … A lot of trout fishers are 'catch and release' anglers. Rainbow Trout can be found in zones with Arid climate, or zones with both Temperate and Arid climate. Ages are "modal" ���z B��6]2��L�Yſ�-��)�ݦ��K��,�2�(�K޹�/�S�A�;�G��$�'J[M�'. Neighborhood Fishin' is supported by government and private partners. If she accepts his advance, she moves to the nest and deposits her eggs deep into the nest. We ... ally, from sub-sampled trout we back-calculated the trout size at the annulus formation according to the Fraser Table 1. 1 0 obj any personal information to the agency. Total quantity is distributed over the scheduled stock dates. The relationship described in this section suggests a 13 in (33 cm) lentic rainbow trout weighs about 1.0 lb (0.45 kg), while an 18 in (46 cm) lentic rainbow trout weighs about 2.5 lb (1.1 kg). Similar to other Rainbow Trout, Athabasca Rainbow Trout … account_circle  Transport of eyed eggs and different age groups of rainbow trout 67 9. by AgriTech Nepal. ii Abstract Density-dependent processes play an important role in structuring population dynamics – as the number of organisms within a set area increases, population vital rate On the advent of place when the woman the ventral cochlear how many 5mg cialis should i take nucleus and THEN generic levitra professional try to stop then give me. After the abnormal and wrong records were deleted, the G 2 consisted of 2157 individuals; each fish had 3 records made at 1, 1.5, and 2 years of age. Anadromous rainbow trout are commonly known as steelhead. ��z� ����v�U�eX�\�૜봢����xw;ٸ�������CJeg��je�u�mae�^M5|̖�������U�ޤ�u��ō#�'�Q4�%��8q��/+\O��-��{�`���Q����i�T�{[��h]���� ��7�(���� �w=һNp�z���$�ys��N!~�|�C`��� �A /��>[��C����r^��@�^��n Differentiation in Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss Denise Vizziano,1,2 Gwenae¨lle Randuineau, 1Daniel Baron, Chantal Cauty,1 and Yann Guiguen1* Early differentiation in rainbow trout gonads was investigated by expression profiling and in situ hybridization (ISH). First Trout! Key semi-intensive production figures of rainbow trout in earth ponds 21 3. (2000) found that only 32% of age 3 rainbow trout formed a third annu- lus and 0% of age 4 fish formed a fourth annu- lus. If you've never been trout fishing, here are some how-to tips. Rainbow trout live in the upper, cold water Figure 3. Rainbow trout were first liberated in stream habitats within and downstream of the park in 1943. 4/12/19 . Watercolour specimen study, Rod Sutterby ABSTRACT We used five nonlinear models to calculate the weight gain of rainbow trout (122.11±15.6 g) during the final grow-out phase of 98 days under three different feed types (two commercials diets, A and B, and one experimental diet, C) in triplicate groups. WEIGHT and LENGTH RATIO of RAINBOW TROUT slight variances may occur depending on the condition of the trout Anglers under 17 years of age are not required to have a license. Accordingly the exponent ‘p’ for trout above the average increases at increments smaller than the increments of fall for trout that are below the average weight for size and are suffering due to age, sickness, injury or unfavorable environmental circumstances. Email subscriber privacy policy <>>> More about fishing licenses and stamps. INTRODUCTION The farming of salmonids in Norway is a growing industry. x��}ks�ƒ��T�?�#�%#�����I�����I��9����"!W$���U~����Ab >0޽���E�L�L������w租~�������g�՛��?���scG�t������g��w?���uVn�E���{�T�m�WR)����_���߿�����k���)ΘS:��ֻ�{n���� �ߒ"���������t{�̲�w��{3'x�V�p���r���‰7����Η �p�q�_��U�U�&��Nq���x��6s���yW��ܟ��|�|J��u��̃ٗy��bW;_g���|���w�|!�'�����`�߶��\=m�]�L�+��O)����sm���:s��j�Wn���u��9W��uYlo+�u�ewW�o����g���T � Depending on the age of the female or when she last deposited her eggs, she’ll deposit between 400 and 8,000 eggs. Creel Census Census data were used to estimate fishing effort (angler trips), pressure (angler hours), total salmonid harvest, rainbow trout CPUE, rainbow trout harvest and condition coefficient by strain and cohort. Various strains of rainbow trout, like breeds of cattle, are used for different purposes. Rainbow Trout stockings will resume next month or after the bloom has stopped. Fish Feed Calculator. None of the brown trout stocks yielded more pounds to the creel the following fishing season than was originally stocked. Lago Llanquihue Pescado Blanco Tepu Altitude (m a.s.l.) Calculated from the dam components, the heritabilities were 1.04 for weight and 0.63 for length. Low cost and high capacity, made possible by our unique facility, along with low spontaneous background and high sensitivity, allow design and conduct of statistically challenging studies not possible in rodents. Overall, growth and age of rainbow trout within Strongs Creek appear to be fairly similar to rainbow trout from other studies. A J–shaped acid stomach is followed by the pyloric caeca, the small intestine and distal intestine (Rust, 2002). Licenses and endorsements are not required when. Since 1874 it has been introduced to waters on all continents except Antarctica, for recreational angling and aquaculture purposes. This table is generally more accurate for “wild” Rainbow Trout, but give or take a few 100 grams and this can be applied to stocked fish, and their weights are very similar to Brown Trout, generally at each length a Brown Trout will be 10 to 60 grams heavier. Oceangoing or those returning for spawning are called steelheads or ocean trout… The DF 04/99 and O-13/95 viruses caused mortality in fish independent of their weight or age. 1.1 The rainbow trout Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) is a highly commercial sport and market fish (Figure 5). The present report is an account … OUR DATA: We use the most recent data from these primary sources: AnAge, UMICH, Max Planck, PanTHERIA, Arkive, UKC, AKC. The present investigation focused on the age specific changes in the hematological and biochemical parameters in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss. Photo by Brandon Hudak Heritability estimates for weight of rainbow trout (Oncorhychus mykiss) vary, depending on age, strain, population structure and estimation method (Tave, 1993). v���gBe�%�B7g"�>��������|���1��y��n�[��I�1�1��������b&�c Some species can live in sea water or fresh water. Fish Feed Calculator. Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) ... (CFs) were calculated for all fish: CF = ungutted body weight / (body length)3 x 100%. Fisheries biologists for Minnesota Department of Natural Resources use scales as estimators of age for both brown and brook trout. All stocks of rainbow trout censused yielded more pounds of trout flesh to the creel the following fishing season than was originally stocked. Tables 73 Tables 1. Mesquite City lake is currently closed to fishing due to a blue-green algae bloom. Content of this site copyright Texas Parks and Wildlife Department unless otherwise noted. The historical range of rainbow trout extends from Alaska to Mexico and includes British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, and Nevada. The rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) is a trout and species of salmonid native to cold-water tributaries of the Pacific Ocean in Asia and North America. This article explains some of the basic information needed to harvest Rainbow trout in your aquaponics system. Trout Weight. Triploid trout are currently produced by pressure or temperature shock of the zygote (induced-triploid, 3NP). Rainbow trout [1 +age (1-year-old fish or older), initial body weight (IBW) =268 g 3% CV (mean, coefficient of variation)] were obtained from the Doripesco Prod SRL, farm of H ărman. by AgriTech Nepal. Ages and lengths of migratory Brown and Rainbow Trout. Triplicate groups of fish (mean ± SE; 1.11 ± 0.01 g) were assigned to each of the five isonitrogenous and isocaloric practical diets containing graded level of a full fat MW (0, 7, 14, 21, and … Trout have a shape factor of 800 and a girth ratio of (.6). Skr. Rainbow trout grow best in the water temperature range from 55 ' to 68 ' F, but can not survive prolonged periods of temperatures above 70' F. Consequently, it is best to stock the trout shortly after the water temperature drops below 70 F to take advantage of the warm fall temperatures when growth will be rapid. FiskDir. Fish Category: Fish`s Age: Number of Fish: Calcuate. A normal adult rainbow trout weighs about 2 to 3 kg, while its maximum size, weight and age are 120 cm total length (TL), 25.4 kg and 11 years, respectively. endobj Strongs Creek (Figure 1) is a small first-order Ogden, Utah. Rainbow trout fare well under a wide range of habitat conditions from ponds to reservoirs, lakes, and streams. cm Inches Poor Slim Norm. Rainbow trout grown past the age of onset of gonadal maturation and intended for consumption are usually triploid (3N) fish that are sterile and do not develop gonads. Rainbow trout introductions have caused a severe reduction in the range of the native cutthroat trout through hybridization and competition. rainbow trout age distribution and sexual maturity in a lake and its main inlet streams in southern Chile. Rainbow trout are opportunistic feeders and will eat anything from aquatic and terrestrial insects, to fish eggs, to small minnows, to crustaceans and worms. Hatchery contact information is listed below this chart. The length-weight relationships shows the b value were 3.39. by AgriTech Nepal. Rainbow trout usually mature at age 3 to 5 and grow to about 6 to 16 inches long, and can live up to 11 years. Fifty-five fish were randomly allocated into each of 24 rectangular fiberglass tanks (1087 l) with three tanks per diet. Fish Feed Calculator. Figure 3. Miscellaneous length at age data from around Washington are included as an appendix. (2007) shows that the Păsărin rainbow trout exhibits an intense growth rate and at the age … stream A total of 70samples of rainbow trout ranging from length 20 to 35.3 cm, weight ranging from 175 to 810 and breadth from 4.8 to 9.4. 2 0 obj Manage My Subscriptions, archive  Ser. Good Fat 25.5 10 4oz 5oz 5oz 6oz 6oz 28 11 6oz 6oz 7oz 8oz 9oz 30.5 12 7oz 8oz 9oz 10oz 11oz 33 13 10oz 11oz 12oz 13oz 15oz In the Chitose River system, Hokkaido, northern Japan, nonnative brown trout Salmo trutta may have replaced nonnative rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss due to interspecific competition. But when you catch that prize trout, you certainly want to record the length and weight and share it with photos. Trout fisheries are maintained, or culture practised, in the upland catchments of many tropical and sub-tropical countrie… HauUnders., 17: 71-78. Cutthroat trout growth lagged rainbow trout growth by about 1.5 inches each year. Catch common Ricefish and the rare Rainbow Trout. A group of rainbow trout is called a hover. Brook trout can reach at least seven years of age, with reports of 15-year-old specimens observed in California habitats to which the species has been introduced. Fish Feed Calculator. The outcome of this competition is predicted to be influenced by the density of both species. Key semi-intensive production figures of rainbow trout in lined and concrete tanks 20 2. The formula to calculate the weight for a trout that is 20 inches long and has a girth of 12 inches is as follows. and diploid rainbow trout ... conversion achieved at reproductive age. With this in mind, we sought to assess age and growth within the rainbow trout population in Strongs Creek, Ogden, Utah. $��$ g�G ;�5N.|�XI������;Aq�}(��`vF�(�i�]�l@]r`g��J"�klN":�^���6�#R(l7�U�t*lV�V Generally people think of rainbow trout as only inhabiting cold clear rivers, streams and lakes but both of the subspecies can be anadromous (seagoing). Hatchery reared rainbows are widely stocked within streams, rivers, ponds and lakes throughout central and western Virginia. The anadromous form of rainbow trout, called the steelhead trout, migrates to the ocean at 1–3 years of age and feeds on krill, small fish, shrimp and squid. - 2 - Black Earth Creek between stations 10 and 11 is the lower part of the trout stocking area. Rainbow trout [1 +age (1-year-old fish or older), initial body weight (IBW) =268 g 3% CV (mean, coefficient of variation)] were obtained from the Doripesco Prod SRL, farm of H ărman. /��>lAb�|i6��߾^�0� ����TX�;^�e�V`��d"�� They love the sport of trout fishing, but don't want to kill the fish. Your contact information is used to deliver requested updates or to access your subscriber preferences. Typically, however, the maximum length of Athabasca Rainbow Trout is less than 50 cm, or approximately 1.25 kg in weight (COSEWIC 2014). Dates and locations are subject to change. Angler Benjamin Hudak, age 3 . Hining et al. Production greatly expanding in the 1950s as pelleted feeds were developed. Growth rates are dependent on season, age, water and ambient air temperatures, and flow rates. Interspecific interactions play a key role in determining species assemblages when nonnative species are introduced. the growth and age of rainbow trout populations in small mountainous creeks along Utah’s Wasatch Front. Trout anglers will need a valid fishing license that includes a freshwater fishing endorsement. endobj Frequent diseases of rainbow trout 70 10. Trout in cold mountain streams may only weigh 20 g after one year, whereas fish in productive lakes may weigh 300–500 g. At maturity, anadromous rainbow trout weigh up to 19 kg and can be up to seven years of age, compared to 1–3 kg for freshwater fish and 3–10 years of age (Behnke, 1992). In general, flow rates affect the rate of change in the relationship between temperature and growth rate. That is reflected in the increment of increase in ‘p’ above trout of average condition being 0.05 whereas for trout below average condition the increment of decrease in ‘p’ is 0.10. E-Newsletter Archive. Fish Category: Fish`s Age: Number of Fish: Calcuate. The fish were killed at the market and brought to the laboratory on ice within 30 min. Rabe, F. W. (1967) Age and Growth of Rainbow Trout in Four Alpine Lakes. <> Talk to Fisherman Riko; End NPC: Fisherman Riko Regression analysis summary, Salmo River rainbow trout observer efficiency study..... 29 Table 4. W}K�N�٥���t�dlGhKe�0 \a��>l����.�ꞅ Y�;6 �����v���,l�g�.�:�� Y�߳�� Description. ..... 22 Table 3. In the IHNV HAG- and DF 13/98 (eel)-infected rainbow trout, no signs of disease were observed in fish weighing between 15 and 50 g. 4 0 obj Variation in growth rate and age at first maturation in rainbow trout. calculated for each strain and cohort (Ricker 1975). <> Total lengths (inches) and ages (from scales) of Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) and Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) migrating upstream on the Bois Brule River, WI in 1978 and 1979.Format. The first six columns contain collection information including an assigned fish number, the year and period of capture, the basin of the Ashokan Reservoir from which a fish was captured, and the length and weight Blood samples collected from 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 month-old trout (n = 30 for each age) revealed varying results. Hatchery is the TPWD facility delivering the trout. Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) has been utilized at Oregon State University as a model for human cancer for forty years. Info-Icon Anglers under 17 years of age are not required to have a license. In this study, we validated a scale-reading method estimating age and growth in brown trout Salmo trutta in wild, landlocked, stream-dwelling populations from mountain headwaters in the Elbe catchment area of the Czech Republic. | See temporary closures and business changes. Development percentage at packing (%) * The number must be between 0 and 99 * This field is required ... Salmon product documentation: Rainbow Trout Calculate date: Hatch calculator Children under 13 years of age must have a parent/guardian's consent before providing He has referred to her as his “favorite trout.” He noted the discovery at 1:06 p.m. The isolates FR-32/87 and I-4008 were virulent in fish up to a weight of 20 g and caused no mortality in larger fish. Verinag(Jammu and Kashmir). Rainbow Trout mating. Most trout stocking occurs between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. ..... 18 Table 2. ,�.I�v�����>D��k������I�UA_�A�������l����y\!�,V\�-���Z����ٶv�Rq������� D��� 7`�����ͱ❹0�����5^��({���Bp³x�u�6�EkKb ;���T``���@j�O�lm6S|��n���ȟ�AXS� Once the nest is ready, a male moves in to court her, showing off by shaking his body. Fifty-five fish were randomly allocated into each of 24 rectangular fiberglass tanks (1087 l) with three tanks per diet. This dataset contains the results from aging and back-calculation of length-at-age of scale samples from 502 Rainbow Trout captured in the Ashokan Reservoir between 1952 and 2017. The values estimated from scale reading were compared with measured values, collected using a mark-recapture program over eight consecutive years. endobj Sort by Stocking Location – City – County. T rophic diversity was calculated according to Shan-nonÕs index ( HÕ =Ñ Si¥log 2Si). An 8-week feeding trial was designed to evaluate the potential of yellow mealworm (MW; Tenebrio molitor) as a locally available nutrient-rich feedstuff for rainbow trout fry (Oncorhynchus mykiss). The digestive tract of rainbow trout is about the same as body length . The largest recorded native Athabasca Rainbow Trout is an age 5+ male (58.8 cm and 2.86 kg) that was stocked as a 30 mm young of year (Wampus Creek origin) into an isolated reclaimed end pit lake. Texas Farm and Ranch Land Conservation Program, 12/16/2020, 1/5/2021, 2/10/2021, 3/2/2021, 12/4/2020, 12/18/2020, 1/6/2021, 1/29/2021, 12/16/2020 Due to low water, stocking has moved to Birch Creek #1, 11/25/2020, 12/11/2020, 12/23/2020, 1/8/2021, 1/22/2021, 2/5/2021, 2/19/2021, 3/5/2021, 12/04/2020, 12/11/2020, 12/23/2020, 1/8/2021, 1/22/2021, 2/5/2021, 2/19/2021, 3/5/2021, 12/4/2020, 12/11/2020, 12/18/2020, 12/23/2020, 12/30/2020, 1/8/2021, 1/15/2021, 1/22/2021, 1/29/2021, 2/12/2021, Guadalupe River State Park (Guadalupe River), 11/25/2020, 12/23/2020, 1/22/2021, 2/19/2021, Landmark Inn State Historical Site (Mill Tailrace), 12/17/2020, 1/7/2021, 1/14/2021, 1/21/2021, 12/02/2020, 12/23/2020, 1/22/2021, 2/19/2021, 12/4/2020, 12/18/2020, 12/30/2020, 1/15/2021, 1/29/2021, 2/12/2021, 2/26/2021, River Park Clear Fork of the Trinity River, December, January and February, various stockings, 12/17/2020, 1/10/2021, 2/7/2021, 2/28/2021, No Minimum Length Limit; Daily Bag = 5 trout, Special limits are in effect on parts of the. Discover How Long Rainbow trout Lives. Northwest Science 41:12-22. Statistical model Simple descriptive statistics for data collected are summarized in Table 1. b\�1 �r@y�Tb�a�}��w�9�/�9�xf%� �\Je��c�1�rT�Oc2r}�H/� 3 0 obj biochemical performance of rainbow trout at different ages. Rainbow trout are related to salmons and are sometimes called salmon trout. WEIGHT = LENGTH x GIRTH 2 / SHAPE FACTOR. Exact times are unavailable. Each tank was considered an experimental unit. <>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 3168 2592] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Rainbow Trout. age classes were analyzed with a 2 test (significance P<0.05). Picture of rainbow trout scale with annuli marked. %PDF-1.5 Historical range. Rainbow trout, also called redband trout, are gorgeous fish, with coloring and patterns that vary widely depending on habitat, age, and spawning condition. Dugdale III MD Professor solid scientific evidence that an age-old feeling against purposes only. by AgriTech Nepal. They are Freshwater fish native to differing climates. A data frame with 851 observations on the following 3 variables: Neighborhood Fishin' ponds (marked with * ) will be stocked frequently throughout the season. Selection response may be maximized if selection is applied when heritability is highest. Collect Rainbow Trout (3) Collect Ricefish (20) Return to Fisherman Riko in Caernord, Ynystere. A rainbow Davenport had named Alice Meow Wolf — Alice “just because” and Meow Wolf to denote that she lived in the waters near the under-construction art company installation — fell victim to the kill. l����X��������zA��Z��x:`>(p���UOr�����_H���f�� Mħ�1�VZ�6�VO��e����`q���.�`D@n�9�e�|��i��D�a,/�ե��10�� � {a�C�Z�,V����a2�[�qc�5郳r}�Y��p��E�p�e���pXp��ҿD���^G��w`I�up��%�X�|~t�Z}�E� �$�Z8�(��N/΄�����Զ< �E:)�-O�S�t��o��y�}��ax����S;�+�g���>��7A�.��ж� ����H/ǀ99�m�_Ů|n�#Sۋ� (�����9�ɫ���*,9�3;�txQ�`'�qt��s�%�#�N0'� g@��ϕ{J�׼�M�ʴޕ��"����[��+p��P]�h Furthermore, in order to evaluate specialization in the diet of rainbow trout evenness index ( E=HÕ/HÕ max) was determined, consi-dering that values close to zero mean a stenophagous Wild rainbow trout populations within Virginia most often occur in small rocky streams in forested landscapes. and cookie statement. Frequency of modal ages of 52 rainbow trout from lakes in the Bristol Bay Area. rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) ... Age, life history, and growth from scales of Salmo River rainbow trout sampled during springtime of 2001 (standard errors in parentheses). Rainbow trout, the fastest growing species, were about 6 inches at Age 1, 9 inches at Age 2, 11 inches at Age 3, 12 inches at Age 4, and 13 inches at Age 5 (all total length). Environmental characteristics of Lago Llanquihue and the three inlet streams. If you've never been trout fishing, here are some how-to tips. Rainbow Trout stockings will resume next month or after the bloom has stopped. Heritabilities may change systematically with age. Licenses and endorsements are not required when fishing within a Texas State Park. in some trout farms in Romania, the rainbow trout recorded at the age of 1.5 years the average weight of 310 g and at 2 years 435 g (Decei, 2001), values superior to those obtained in this study.

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